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Smashwords book reviews by Bob

  • Enigma on Dec. 05, 2013

    Apart from the choice of the main characters name I thought it a very good story. It gradually builds as the two detectives try and capture a killer who has killed two women and it seems very likely there will be more victims if the killer is not caught soon. The two main characters detectives Love and Le Fanu work well together one being an American who has lived in England for a while and the other a traditional English man. The way the detectives are described is unusual in the sense that a lot of time is spent describing their dress sense and the value of their clothing. Although I initially thought that this would distract from the story it in fact made it a lot better and gave a whole new slant on the story making the characters seem more human. I also liked the introduction of the dog which helped even more and allowed me to relate to the two detectives. In fact I thought all the characters worked well as did the descriptions of the locations. Although not an all action story but one of dogged investigation with the detectives not only using their instincts but having to find the evidence. In the end all comes to a satisfying conclusion and if there are more in the series I will read them. So why didn’t I like detective Love’s name, well all though it is correctly written with a capital letter phrases such as “What is it, Love?” just did not sound right. Just me I think.