Bob Atkinson


I was born and raised in the district of Lochaber, in the Western Highlands of Scotland. At the age of seventeen the age old curse of the Highlands, lack of work and opportunity, forced me to take the same military path taken by many of my forebears.

While serving with the army in Northern Ireland I met my future wife; the lovely and diminutive Ruby, inspiration for at least one of the female characters in The Last Sunset.

After leaving the army I moved to Belfast where together Ruby and I lived through many of the worst years of the Troubles.

Eventually, very much the worse for wear, we brought our young family of three home to the Highlands.

Here I worked for many years in the civil service, retaining some sanity by fleeing into the wilderness as often as possible. Eventually I was rescued by early retirement.

The lochs, hills and glens of Lochaber are like balm to the soul, and have inspired storytellers for as long as people have lived in these glens.
The Last Sunset is simply the latest in a long line of tales inspired by this ancient land.


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