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At about the age of six or seven, Bob Brill wrote his first poems and stories. He sold his very first story for fifty cents to one of his dad’s friends and the guy made off with the only copy. Probably just as well that this story won’t surface again.

After graduation from college, Bob knocked around Europe, wrote a novel, came back broke and became a computer programmer to support his habit of eating every day. Wondering why his novel hadn’t sold, he reread it, decided to call it a practice novel and relegated it to the landfill. Another story that won’t surface to embarrass him.

He married and supported his family as a programmer while devoting his spare time to writing, playing the guitar and composing chess problems. He married again, and upon retirement he wrote several graphics programs for his home computer and developed his skills as an algorithmic artist. He produced a huge portfolio of math-based artwork, but in late 2003 he set that all aside to focus entirely on writing. He had reached the now-or-never stage as a writer and opted for now. Since then he has been devoting his energies to writing fiction and poetry. His novellas, short stories and more than 100 poems have appeared in over forty online magazines, print journals, and anthologies.

Smashwords Interview

Where do you get your ideas?
Early in the morning, before breakfast or any other
activities, I open my journal and start writing without any
thoughts or topics in mind. I just keep the pen flowing to let my
unconscious mind spout whatever wants to come out. No worries
about grammar, spelling, editing or even making sense. A lot of
garbage comes pouring out, but often I find jewels floating in
the barf. Later I work these up into poems or stories.
Why did you decide to become an indie writer?
The mainstream publishers are in business to make money. In
the present financial climate and with the rise of ebooks, they
no longer try to publish the best work. They ask for originality,
but they are really looking for work that's like the last
blockbuster best seller. I don't write to earn an income, so I
don't write what the publishers want. I write to please myself
and to become myself.
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Furor Loquendi
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 25,800. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Transgressional fiction
Jim Burden is afflicted by a powerful compulsion to rant aloud whether other people are present or not. He doesn't know if these wild verbal outpourings are dictated by some demonic force that has taken over his voice or if they originate in his own unconscious mind. Jim struggles to overcome this compulsion, but all the while his uncontrollable words lead him deeper and deeper into trouble.

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