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  • Jon-29 on June 19, 2013

    A wonderful fast moving sci-fi adventure, I really loved the strange relationship between JON-29 and his “Mother” the writer made is seem so real as if it was a flesh and blood mother and not one made of computers and steel. I also loved the female warrior KT-7, she was on tuff lady and showed Jon how to survive in the post-war world, she could hold her own against mutants and whatever seemed to come along. I also like the mechanical arm Gripper, and the talk between him and the Pigman was very funny, I think that this would make a really great little movie and I hope that the writer will do more stories about these two. Thanks for everything…….Bob.
  • Nomads of the Gods on June 20, 2013

    I really enjoyed this book, it reminded me of Frank Herbert's "Dune" a lot, a very good story and a fantastic world of wonders, the idea of a planet were nothing advanced works is a very interesting and the relationship between Arn the King of the Almadra and Andra was very moving, let hope there is more to come.
  • The Golden Hall on June 21, 2013

    A very fun little read, hope to see more in the future, thanks for posting.
  • Colossus on Aug. 10, 2013

    Very good, I've read the authors other books and found them very entertaining, this one is a very compelling story that kept me thinking from beginning to the unexpected ending, I think that anyone who enjoys a quick science fiction story will love this one.
  • Nomads The Fallen God on Oct. 07, 2013

    I spent the weekend reading The Fallen God, I read the first book so I was eager to read the next chapter in the saga, for me it was better then the first one! the whole story about the war machine coming to Gorn was really interesting, I love robots and machinery so it was a great read for me, I also like the way Endo grew up and his efforts to save his people. And of course the whole interaction with the forest people, the Sagar cats, monsters and the forbidden city was wonderful, and I think I have to put in a word about the illustrations, you just don't find an writer who does their own chapter art, it was fun just looking at them, and to top it all off the whole thing was FREE! can't wait for part three.