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The Author

Born in Denmark, Bodil Braendstrup spent several years in France, USA and Canada. After a business career, she started writing books. Her first book was on combining career and private life, and cultural programming and personal identity.
Later on stories based on authentic people and events in 18th and 19th century Denmark based on personal diary by great-great-grandfather.
Finally biographical books covering World War II, post-war Europe, - Canada and the US from 1953.

Published Titles:

The Franzen-Trilogy
1. Frederik
2. Dear Great-Great-Grandfather
3. The Heavens above Borglum

Letters from America - Personal letters from emigrated Franzen-family.

ALBA Stories:
ALBA I - Smalltown Innocence
ALBA II - A Leap into Europe and the World
ALBA III - People & Places in North America
ALBA IV - The Ugly Side of a Good Cause

In Deep Waters - A Love Story

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