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  • All Or Nothing on May 03, 2012

    The Book "All Or Nothing" was able to take me through an emotional roller coaster. I was able to feel the pain and heart ache of the main characters as well as the joy and happiness. The author Ryan D. Whetstone achieved these effects because I felt related to his characters. He did a wonderful job building his characters that you couldn't help but get emotional when something good or bad happened. Stoney was a wonderful friend and he was trying his best to look out for his friends. Sonny on the other hand, had one relationship only and that was with the street. Mark was the businessman, he was faithful to the money and anything that gets in his way would get taken out no questions asked. The books message will hit home for a lot of our youth. Stay in school is the message and Ryan D. Whetstone shows you the outcome of making fast cash instead of taking your time and getting a promising career. Over all this was a wonderful book. You never know what will happen next and once you pick the book up its hard to put down. I recommend this to any reader who loves reading wonderful books that are full of emotion and lessons to be learned.