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  • Water on May 15, 2012

    The concept for this book has great potential! The overall account did not reach it's full potential, and the narrative lacked a natural flow. Having said that, the character interaction could have had a little more depth, though the dialogue was quite good, and where the overall narrative lacked flow, the dialogue did not, providing essential information pertaining to the concept. There could have been more in the narrative explaining each character's role and the powers they controlled. Also, their use of their powers could have been more detailed. The characters too could have had more depth, I struggled a bit to connect with them - and in the case of the main character, there was a little too much contradiction. an example of this contradiction is evident in the events after the green house test. Firstly, as Micah's role is supposedly that of a protector, he should never have even considered the test as being applicable, regardless of his relationship to Kaitlyn, and having already known her feelings toward Shawn, and their past history, it should have occurred to him that further to his idea of the distraction, Kaitlyn would not have agreed with Shawn watching! Secondly, as Kaitlyn's character was naturally inclined to avoid intimate contact with others, the breach of trust during the green house test would have assured that she never trusted Micah (or anyone for that matter) again. She would certainly not have forgiven him so readily, nor would her body have found him remotely attractive. In other areas, I felt the narrative needed more words. a prime example of this is the first chapter, where it is not 100% clear that the author is using a metaphor... though by the end of the chapter, you can surmise as such. However the use of a few more words, and that could be neatly remedied. A little rough around the edges, but overall the concept has fantastic promise! And there were definitely sections that were interesting and well written. I battled to read this, and quite often had to go back and re-read sections to clarify.