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  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble on Sep. 06, 2010

    The Setting — begins in LA, harmlessly enough one night with a young woman minding her own business. As Jolie gets dragged into a secret world of wickedly sexy witches, sultry vampires, and playboy werewolves she’s forced to flee across the pond and is taken on a whirlwind adventure to places normal humans never see. I thought that the setting was well done; a lot of paranormal authors don’t give much thought to the setting because it’s just as your or I are sitting in now, but I liked the authors sense of surrounding. It wasn’t long paragraphs of detail, but simple comments and details that clued me into where we were. The Characters — were hysterical. Mallory has a great talent for wit, and Jolie just seems to attract trouble. I liked Jolie’s character arc; she started out as a sort of mousy, quiet, insecure kind of woman and through the story blossomed. I thought there was a lack of tension at times, and I would have liked to see more internal processing of events before she jumped into action. There was a lot of flirtation going on, between Jolie and Rand and Trent and the list goes on! It was a little bit of a stretch, but it worked and you kept biting your nails the whole time either screaming, “NOOOOO!” or “YESSSS!”, so I can’t say I mind too much. The Plot — of this book is setting up for a much more large scale battle to come. I was disappointed that the whole book was what felt like a prequel to the real action to come. This is my ax and this is me grinding; I’ve said it before and I hate doing this to such a fun book, but I had to cut a star for what I felt was an ending that just…. ended. There was a great emotional wrap up that leads us into what could be, and there’s a lot of great story that happens, but the story didn’t come across to me as finished enough to close the book. I want to read the next one, in fact I absolutely must because I frakking need to know what happens!