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  • A Promised Fate on Jan. 05, 2015

    Favorite Lines “I am obsessed. I am fixated on you. I cannot believe you are my wife. The notion that you are mine strikes me as a miracle. I will spend an eternity watching you, Ava and kissing you and satisfying you and it still won't be long enough for me. I feel the pull between us. Withdrawal from you will cause my death.” “I was keeping a secret that would break Ava’s heart.” “I’m sorry, Ari,” She looked up into my eyes, “but it is worth it. It's worth everything to me. I would risk everything for it.” “I’m okay, so far everything is fine. You are here now. We get to hold our baby today. We get to see ten little fingers and ten tiny toes, a little nose and two bitty ears. It is all coming true. Our life is going to be perfect.” Holy Crap can these two not get there happily ever after! Why? Why? Why? Ari and Ava have been through hell and back and not A Promise Made years and years ago will come back to destroy everything Ari hold dear! Betrayal is something I never thought I would see from this book family but oh boy does it come! I'm praying its for a good reason! This author does an amazing job of bringing you in her world. You wanna fight for these characters! I want to rage for Ari and Ava! I'm dying to know what happens next! Amazing books, Amazing writing, JUST AMAZING!!! I was given this book in exchange for an honest review FIVE PROMISING FAIRIES