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  • Forbidden Magic on April 13, 2012

    Carla's Review: LOOK OUT!! Lyon Lady is back! And she's kickin' some serious butt with her first indie published Wing Slayer Hunter e-novella. I have been a fan of the Wing Slayer Hunter series since Blood Magic was released back in February of 2009 and I've been hooked ever since. Every book has made me laugh, cry, yell out in frustration and clamor for the next release. I was devastated when I found out that the publisher did not renew the contract to publish more books and I am ecstatic that Jen decided to go the indie route. What would we do without those sexy Wing Slayer Hunters?! Forbidden Magic is the beginning of Ram Virtos and Ginny Stone's story. Ram is having a hard time. His Thunderbird tattoo is awakening and sending surges of electricity through his body, which will eventually lead to Ram's body spontaneously combusting. The only person that can save him is his soul mirror, who has run away and went into hiding. She wants no part of Ram or becoming anyone's soul mirror. Beside his Thunderbird destroying him, the blood curse is as well. Ram doesn’t care about finding his soul mirror. The one person he wants and cares for, he can't have…..Virginia (Ginny) Stone. Ginny is the younger sister of the newest Wing Slayer Hunter Eli. They share the same mortal mother, but they have different fathers. While Eli's father was a Hunter like Eli, Ginny's father is a very powerful force and he wants Ginny to follow in his footsteps, whether Ginny wants to or not. He's left her in the mortal realm for now but he plans to take her with him very soon. Ginny hates her father. If she doesn't follow his rules he punishes her and threatens to harm Eli. Ginny would do anything to protect Eli, even give in to her father. That is, until she and Ram finally give in to the feelings they have for each other. Can they find away to beat her father? I absolutely LOVED this story. Ram is a very dominant alpha male. He is known for impeccable self control, and being very dominant during sex. He never relinquishes his control to anyone. He has become completely smitten with Ginny and is scared of hurting her, so he tries to stay away from her. Ginny is the perfect heroine. While she's very innocent in ways, she's extremely strong willed and willing to do anything for those she loves. She terrified of her father and feels hopeless that there's no way to stop him from getting his way. Can Ginny and Ram have a HEA while he has a soul mate out there somewhere and her father is planning on taking her away? I obviously can't give up many details in the story but you will absolutely love it. It is a short read, approximately 10 chapters but it will hold you from beginning to end. I can't wait for the next full length novel to come out. This definitely gave me my fix while I wait for the next book to release. I am a Wing Slayer Hunter fan girl for life!! I give Forbidden Magic 5 out of 5 stars