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Smashwords book reviews by B C

  • The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox on Jan. 11, 2011

    This book is highly captivating from the start. As a huge fan of shows such as "24" and "The Wire" this book is right up my alley, especially since the author actually works with the Dept of Defense. There is excitement and suspense and even romance in "The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox. I had to stay up late many nights because I could not put this book down. There are so many details and twist and turns that you may find yourself going back to re-read a couple of pages because it is jam packed with so many things. If you are into to weapons and gadgets (like I am) you will lose your mind thinking about the how they look and operate. The Characters will pull you in in a way your not expecting. I starting reading the book and at the beginning I hated a few characters and ended up loving them in the end. Its a human story. It makes you think constantly and you feel the things they are dealing with. This book will open your mind to things that are happening in our everyday lives that we don't normally think about or may only consider when we turn on the news. I was too happy to know that the book had a follow up right behind it - "The Invisible Enemy: Vendetta" which I will start reading very soon. Anthony R. Howard is to be commended for giving us a true masterpiece!