I'm Booketta, a wife and mother and I am currently enjoying being my own boss. I have set up another local book group and I have been a part-time LibraryThing Early Reviewer. It is due to the different variety of books offered that my taste in literature has broadened and I now read pretty much anything. I love reading books. Other interests are music, film, ballet, theatre, photography and the great outdoors.

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  • Nowhere To Go on July 07, 2011

    I won this e-book from LibraryThing Members Giveaways. Before I commence my review I will admit that in the past I have not been impressed with short stories. I have read some that were not well written and others where I have just got into the story as it ends - leaving the reader feeling shortchanged. To be fair to Iain Rowan he sets the scene quickly and the story has evolved well before it ends. This is a collection of short crime stories. The title of the book Nowhere To Go is the central theme of each short story in the book. It is grim reading, focussing on the lower end of life. Stories about burglars, murderers, con artists, blackmailers, and junkies etc. They are well written and if you like this style of book, then it is well worth a read. It is not my cup of tea but I would not rule out reading other books by this author.
  • Tales From Gundarland on July 14, 2011

    I won this e-book from LibraryThing Members Giveaways. Tales From Gundarland is pure fantasy. Well known fairytales taken and spun with an added twist. On reading the prologue I thought this sounds good fun and I expected to be plunged into a similar world to Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. These short stories are more comparable to Shrek but for an older audience. Romeo and Juliet was my favourite and had me laughing my head off. I also liked Boggarts Blue about Burga the warrior cook saving the Princess locked in the tower. This story does draw comparisons to Shrek, the Princess is not pleased with her rescuer who is not of noble blood. Remind you of a certain ginger Princess? King Lazlo is based on Farquaad in the Shrek movies. Witty and quite funny, these short stories made a change from my usual reading.
  • Barbary Point on July 14, 2011

    I won this e-book from LibraryThing Members Giveaways. Dr Alan Nayes as his title suggests trained in medicine. He has written two unpublished biomedical thrillers. Barbary Point is a lovely story of discovery and love. I liked the characterisations, storyline and very descriptive setting. I even enjoyed the fishing and boating details on the lake even though I have no interest in fishing at all. There was a subtle hint earlier in the story that Kelly's love affair was to be just that - an affair and memory. Although the reader could not tell how it would all pan out, it did make later events a little predictable. A short story, I read it in less than a day, but still a very good read.
  • Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence on Dec. 15, 2011

    This is a series to watch (and read)! I enjoyed the first book which set the scene, introduced the characters and gave us an introduction to the two worlds that Grace sees. My review of Paradox: The Angels Are Here can be found here. This book is even better and the story really takes off. We are given an understanding of some of the central characters who featured in the first instalment. There is a real presence of evil at work, with the blackest of characters you could find. There some new characters introduced and it soon becomes apparent whose side they are on. Very descriptive writing which really draws you in to the plot. I cannot wait for more. My interview with the brilliant Patti Roberts can be read here.
  • Mini-Collection on Feb. 22, 2012

    I received this e-book as a complimentary copy from the author. It is a sample of more to come. IF you like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fantasies you'll like this. Much shorter, lighter and good fun. It's quirky but light enough to read in one fell swoop. Full of Hank Quenses' humour, if you read Tales From Gundarland you'll recognise the style. A tale of greed, you've got to love Loki's stupidity. Wotan is not happy!
  • Deadly Obsession (Deadly Vices, Book 1) on March 27, 2012

    I read this is Ms Cayne's debut novel, not a bad start to a writing career - not a bad start at all! I'm not a great one for the romance genre, however this was romance with a difference. A thriller as well! The reader is kept on their toes all the way through. Although the stalker's identity is shown fairly early on, her actions are still highly unpredictable - you don't know where she may follow or what she will do. Good characterisations and a pacy narrative with plenty going on to keep the audience interested. Nice interaction between the key players and some nasty twists and turns add to the plot. The second novel from the Deadly Vices series - Deadly Addiction is due out April this year. Not long and on the basis of Book One, it's worth the wait.
  • All's Fair in Vanity's War, Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 2 on May 21, 2012

    This book is a slow burner, meaning it took a few chapters to get into the story. It didn't help that there were quite a lot of typos, but once the pace and storyline picked up, I didn't seem to notice or mind too much. Aimed at the teenage/YA audience it was a fun read. Packed with historical facts about witchcraft which were weaved into the story appropriately. I'm still not completely sure of The Seer's intentions but it was pretty obvious that Ciara was going to be quite nasty, even if her talents did not initially seem to be very good! Locke came across as a pretty level-headed young man suffering from his trauma, coping with a new member to his household who becomes a compassionate and likeable character. I did find Keleigh rather irritating but she was portrayed as a typical teenager coping with growing up, a rather unusual life and conflicting feelings for Locke and Lynx. She came through in the end.
  • Severance (Volition 2) on June 29, 2012

    Yes, this is bone-chilling and packed full of adrenaline as the synopsis on Amazon states. I could not put this book down. The narrative gallops along at such a pace, full of twists and turns, you don't know who or what is going to pop up next. I actually wonder how I stopped reading this book to eat my tea!! Wow! I am still reeling from it all. At the end of Volition we were left wondering if Joel would survive and if he does, what injuries does he have and how do they affect him? Naturally we get the answers. If you enjoyed Volition, as the author says, you will enjoy Severance even more!
  • Angel Evolution on July 09, 2012

    Paranormal fiction is very popular, particularly in the YA genre. I have received quite a few of these books to review recently and although there is a very similar theme running through - good versus evil, angels versus demons, they vary in both writing and readability. One commonality I have found is that when there are series, the first book is often scene setting and is not as good as the follow ons. This is not always the case, but I have found it to be more often than not. I suspect Angel Evolution is one of these. I have only read Book One, therefore I cannot actually back up this assumption. We meet angels and demons with a difference. This story turns the angels are good, demons are evil, belief on its head. Our beautiful angel, shining brighter than natural light is not brighter than white at all, telling lies to further the cause of his kind. Our not so evil demon, although tall, dark and handsome, dimming the light somewhat, comes from a group of demons who are able to live alongside humans without causing any harm. They would like to continue this existence of living in harmony but the angels have other plans. Meet our heroines two human college girls, one whose aura shines brighter than other humans and who has the ability to see the angels light and demons darkness. A battle commences. Who wins? Who is telling the truth? Can the angel Gabriel be saved? Read the series to find out.
  • The Abigale Chronicles - Book One on Dec. 14, 2012

    This is the first book of a series, Books 2 and 3 are also available. Book One is a short story. This book introduces our main character Abigale and her sworn enemy Emmett, at the end of the story we get to know more about the old woman. Although Abigale's character is developed reasonably well, I would like to know more about her parents who are also introduced and why Abigale and Emmett are enemies. We learn that they were friends and Emmett spent a lot of time playing with Abigale in her home when they were small. Kristy is Abigale's friend but apart from a brief introduction in the beginning, we don't get to see her again in this book. I did feel a little short changed as I thought the storyline could have been developed a bit more into a longer book. However, it did work out and I liked the ending, which leaves the reader ready for the next instalment.
  • Paradox - Bound By Blood on Jan. 09, 2013

    This is the third book in the series and in my opinion it is the best. I enjoyed both books one and two, now the scene has been set and the characters established. In this book we learn more about the history of the ancient world and the ancestry which connect ancient and modern characters. We find Abbadon in the modern world but he is not the only one from the Grigorian house wreaking havoc. Wonderful stuff, highly imaginative and a well thought out storyline and a very sound plot. Wonderful characterisations. A must read and highly recommended for YA and paranormal readers.