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Smashwords book reviews by BooksAndCocktailsBlog

  • Smashwords Style Guide on March 06, 2017

    This will help when I finally get around to finishing writing my novel in 5 years. Still stuck on Chapter 2! Much clearer than Createspace formatting lesson.
  • La Biblia de los CaĆ­dos on March 06, 2017

    Bueno libro y no hablo espanol muy bien.
  • The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success on March 06, 2017

    Three years ago-it was much easier to publish an indie and make money. Now with the crazy amount of authors and the sites who publish books under 5000 word means all the good and full-length books are buried beneath them and no one can afford to market them on their own. I am completely burned out on social media to promote it too. Coker does point out some great ways to do it-but you need persistence or $$$ to carry it out. If publishers charged $300 per book there would be a lot less authors who are not serious. Of course, they could offer scholarships to the starving writers. So-no one get mad at me for suggesting things--OK?
  • Zombie Nights on March 06, 2017

    Someone is telling our secrets again...make sure to keep looking behind you Tom.