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  • Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1) on Aug. 03, 2011

    I usually like to read a book knowing as little about it as possible, often not even reading the synopsis. That is what I did with Anathema and I loved being surprised from the first page to the last. This is not your typical vampire story and I loved that about it. It may be one of the most original takes on a vampire story I have ever read. The story unfolds slowly so that we only know as much as Evangeline knows and I enjoyed that. I often had to force myself to slow down while reading to make sure I did not miss anything. I was just so excited to see what was going to happen next! I really liked all of the characters and I believed all of the struggles faced be each character. Sometimes stories focus so much on the problems of the main character that we do not always get the full story and proper motivations for the other characters. That was not an issue with this novel. There were some great revelations about the other characters. It is the start to a series but I do feel that there was a complete ending here and I appreciate that. I liked it so much I plan to buy the rest of the series as soon as I can get my hands on it!