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My husband and I are avid bookworms. Together, we co-own a small publishing company and collaboratively write in our spare time. Since this profile is primarily for book reviews we prefer to maintain some anonymity and not promote our books with this ID.

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  • Paranormal Summer on Nov. 13, 2012

    Fans of any of these genres who enjoy a well-spun tale will enjoy the skill with which Sherry Guyberson weaves the web of mystery. As indicated by the title, a good deal of the story is paranormal, but there are spiritual issues and bits of sci-fi blended throughout as well. As a reader, I couldn't help but get quickly drawn in by the sense that something major was developing and I couldn't put down the book until I just couldn't keep my eyes open. You won't want to read this in between appointments or before something else important because you'll likely be late. The main characters, Jillian, Ryan, and Sonya come from widely varied backgrounds to become friends and fellow adventurers. Their development is encouraged by ties to family and hunger for seeing their abilities become stronger. Guyberson finds a way to include paranormal themes such as spirits, guides, and psychic gifts in ways that make perfect sense. With classic struggles of good versus evil, Paranormal Summer will have you cheering for the good guys to become victorious in their challenges. This is a book that is definitely worth the read. I am eagerly waiting for book two in what I hope is a series! Don't pass this gem of a book up if you enjoy reading about the paranormal.