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Travelling around the world as an astronaut or an air hostess is a dream she has nurtured since childhood. However, in her teens, she realised that she preferred literature and philosophy to maths, physics, and chemistry; that piloting an aircraft would be much more difficult than driving a car; and that air hostesses were usually taller than she was.
The study of law during her master's degree course in Business Economics in Venice (Italy) convinced her that the diplomatic career was out of question too. At twenty-six, she left Italy to polish her English in London and there she married an Algerian man (Sami), worked in many different jobs; and attended many courses, including one in Counselling Skills.
Following a few years in France, where their daughter Sofia was born, she is now growing roots in Folkestone (UK). Here she frequented a few courses on Creative Writing. Her love for Science Fiction, and the realisation that writing would allow her to fulfil her childhood dream of travelling, although just with her imagination, convinced her to teleport herself to London to attend a one-day workshop on what makes SF tick, led by bestselling SF author David Wingrove. Still eager to learn how to hone her craft, she also followed an intensive writing course with renowned author Gay Hendricks.
Her short story "A New Beginning" appeared in The Folkestone 2014 Anthology and her novelette "Homecoming" was published in the SF magazine Nebula Rift in 2014.
Her novella science fiction novella “Across Spacetime” is available now. She is currently working on its sequel and on editing the magazine Storyteller's stories as Deputy Editor.
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Smashwords Interview

Tell us about your book Across Spacetime.
Across Spacetime is a science fiction romance novella.It’s set in 2651. Humans have colonised most of the Solar System, and have a vast theoretical knowledge of the multiverse. The Martian branch of the Earth History Institute decides to put that knowledge to use by offering a few lucky students the chance to spend a short while on a different point of the spacetime continuum for research purposes. Samir, a young Terran, takes this opportunity to experience London in the '90. A few years later he happens upon another time traveller, Beatrice, a young Progressive (human from the outer planetary systems). They fall in love despite a very wide cultural gap and must decide whether to stay in the past, where they feel free to be together but where they don’t belong, or go back to the future, enjoy the comforts of their very advanced technology and face the prejudice of their society.
What's the story behind Across Spacetime?
The story is about how I met my husband-to-be and no, we’re not time travellers.
After graduating in Business Economics in 1995 I went to London to polish my English and earn work experience. I meant to stay for 3 months, but the first week I was there I met him and the rest is history, as they say. Like the main characters, Samir and Beatrice, we came from different backgrounds. This is both very attractive and difficult to handle at the same time. We decided to get married after a few months and our families were dead against it. It was too soon, with somebody they didn’t know, not even by their reputation because we had no family in the UK. Living in London and being responsible adults, we went ahead and told them a year later. It was a very simple ceremony. I didn’t even wear a proper wedding dress—couldn’t stand the idea of wearing white as it’s a colour that doesn’t suit me and of wasting money on a dress that I would use for just one day. I’m romantic, but very practical too.
During our marriage we’ve been blessed with a daughter, the best gift life has given us. We’ve followed our dreams, moving from London to France to Italy and back to the UK. We’ve been to hell and back, and it’s been worth every single day, every fight, and every success.
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Smashwords book reviews by Angela Guidolin

  • Gaia's Brood on Oct. 12, 2016

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the first steampunk book I’ve ever read and I’m hooked. As I agree with what the previous reviewers have written, including having to award only 4 stars for editing issues, I'm not going to bother you by repeating the same things. I'll just add that what I've enjoyed the most is the amazing world the author has built and that I look forward to spending more time there with Nina and her gang.