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Boroughs Publishing Group is full service ALL ROMANCE e-publishing house. We accept submissions from agented and non-agented authors in all sub-genres of Romance.

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100 years later she gets another shot at love    a cast of characters interfere in the best possible way    a chivalrous hero    a devoted dog    a horrible tragedy    a magician with special powers    a moment in time    a second chance to capture the man she loves    a woman with emotional defenses loses them to a man that has never committed to anyone    a young warrior finds love in the most unexpected place    abandoned by her high school sweetheart and having to rely on him again    abused woman running to keep her daughter safe    action    adele downs    adventure    alanna lucas    allie k adams    alone    amy hearst    an affair becomes more    an angel grants her another shot at living    ancient rome    angela drake    anna small    another man vies for her affection    arranged marriage    artist    aspiring guitarist gets to work for the most popular heavy metal band in the world    astrology and romance    austrailia    avenging a death    baby    beth rhodes    billionaire playboy does not know how to maintain a relationship    billionaire playboy falls for his best friends sister    boroughs publishing group    bravery    brilliant scientist    broken promises    can the magic of christmas save her    capturing happiness has an incredibly high price    carousel horse    changed identity    christine ashworth    christmas    cindy holby    coma    conflict    contemporary    contemporary fiction set in new york city    contemporary love story    contemporary new adult heavy metal romance    contemporary romance    contemporary romantic comedy    contemporary romantic fantasy    contemporary romantic suspense    cop    copd    corruption    country music    country western    countrywestern star    cowboy    curse    danger    danger to her heart    dark secrets and misdeeds    deceipt    deceit and lies    deception    deep seeded loyalties are tested    defeating the past    demonic forces    deneane clark    denise lynn    desire    destitute    diana saenger    distance    dotcom    dragons    drama    ducking an arranged marriage    dukes    energetic and reckless aries falls for the quintessential leo    engaged and falling for someone else    england    erotic love    erotic romance    erotica    escaping hell and her father    estate    exploration into worlds she never knew existed    facing challenges    falling for a human    falling for her will cost him everything    falling for the enemy    falling in love at christmas time    family    family drama    family duty loyalty and longing    fantasy    fay wentworth    fear    fighting a generations old war    fighting off demons    fighting the inevitable    finding a real hero    finding acceptance    finding each other again    finding forever    finding love    finding love again    finding trust    first impressions    fishing village    football    forever    forgiveness    from convenience to love story    frontier    ghosts    gladiators    gloria gay    goldie alexander    governess    haunting    haute    he cannot sleep until he possesses her    he challenges her to believe in magic fate and love    he demands from her things she never thought she could give    he is everything she has wanted for years    he is new in town    he is tasked with restoring the glory of his long lost civilization    he must choose love over ambition    he recognizes she has talent    he saves her when the volcano awakens from dormancy    he wants to win her heart    he will be with the woman he loves or die trying    healing power of love    hearts of metal romance series    her dreams turn into nightmare    her ex tries to break up the burgeoning romance    her fathers sins are visited on their family    hes fascinated by her red hair and mishapprone nature    hidden love    hiding her demonic identity    high powered boss    high school love    his need to keep her safe is paramount    his orderly life is side tracked by the woman in his dreams    historical    historical fiction    historical romance    holiday romance    holidays    hollywood    honor    horse breeding    horses    huntress    if youre willing to pay the price true love can conquer all    illusionist    imagination    immediate attraction    immortal prince    inexplicably widows are dying    intrigue    island paradise    jane lynne daniels    jilted    jilted at the alter    journalist    journey    kary rader    keeping her secrets    knight    knight in shining armor    knights    ladies    ladies of the abberly theater    learning that the deepest scars cannot be seen    lies    life transforming    living under a cloud of tragedy    london    lords    loss    lost and confused    love    love everlasting    love story    lovemaking eduction    lovers    lucifers daughter    lunchbox romance    lunchbox romance short story    magic    marriage of convenience    mates    medieaval    medieval reenactment    menage    mending old wounds    mercy    mistaken impressions    misunderstandings lead to trust    montana    multi cultural love story    multicultural romance    murder and kidnapping    mystery    mystery and the occult    nanny    new adult    new adult fiction    new york city    not every promise is worth keeping    not every sacrifice is worthwhile    old hollywood    one heart    opposites attract    overcoming evil    overcoming fears    paranormal    paranormal romance    passion    pirates    plots    postcards    pretend princess    princes    princess    promises    psychological thriller    questionable relatives offer advice    rake    ranch    ranch life    regency    rekindling a lost love    rekindling love    responsible for keeping his woman and her daughter safe    rewinding the past    rituals and unusual phenomena    rock god falls for a roadie    rock n roll band touring the country    rogue    romance    romance contemporary ensemble cast    romance fiction    romance rekindled    romantic comedy    romantic dark fantasy    romantic paranormal fantasy    romantic suspense    rome    ruined    sacrifice    saga    san juan islands    scientist    scifi    searching for an end to war    seattle lumberjacks    second chance    second chances    secrets    secrets uncovered    seduction    separation    set free by love    sexy emotional and intense    shared custody    she and her brother have only each other    she commits treason to find the truth and follow her heart    she has to convince her love to give up his ambitions and plans    she is scarred by her tragic past    she is working on a volcano in greece    she lives at the mercy of her abusive husband    she loved the wrong man and paid for it with her life    she must choose between her family and her happiness    she tries to fit in    shes in love with her adopted brother    shes risking her heart and baring her soul    shes too logical to believe in hocus pocus    shifters    short story    short story lunchbox romance    snow bound    solomons choice    songwriter    spells    spies    star tide series    strength    strength of conviction    suspense    teenage romance    texas    texas hill country    the new years eve club    theater    their attraction and chemistry is smoking hot    they are perfect for each other    they meet working at the strawberry festival the summer before their senior year of high school    they will be tested to the depths of their souls    thriller    ton    tragedy    transitions    trauma nurse is all about keeping herself safe    tresorier du coeur    true love    undercover army ranger    understanding    united kingdom    unwavering love    valentines    valentines day    vampire    vengence    victorian london    victorian san francisco    violence leads to love    vowing never to be led astray again    vows    voyage    wager    wales    war hero    warriors    western    when she was twelve her secret crush began    whirlwind courtship    wishes    wizards and 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