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My life is a continuing adventure. At thirty years old I was a CPA, a partner in a regional accounting firm, married and a father of two sons. Then suddenly my life turned upside down. My wife killed herself while I was sound asleep beside her. Two years later I was no longer practicing accounting but instead specialized in starting up new risky businesses. Over the years I organized and ran companies involved in music distribution; electronic anti-shoplifting devices; windmills in the desert generating electricity; testing patients for sleep apnea and feature film production. There were even more… all exciting but risky. I made and lost millions never turning away from the next challenge. If I could think and speak I knew I was unstoppable. My personal life was also dramatic. I married three more times and fathered eight children. Life was filled with big highs and dismal lows…but never boring.

Nine years ago I left my fourth marriage and started living the bachelor life, going from one new girlfriend to another. My gift of talk worked equally as well in my personal life as it did in the business world. I always had a secret fascination for transsexuals. Other than viewing them anonymously on the internet porn sites, I never met a real T-Girl. Then quite by chance I met the girls from the Boulevard. Felicia, Amanda, Kelly, Monica, Monet, Bianca… I also tried and experimented with crystal meth. Each of the T-Girls found a way to help themselves to my things…my credit cards, my bank accounts, one even stole my car. I really didn’t care…living my life with them was a continuous high. I was finally able to admit to myself that I was bi-sexual. I never hid or flaunted my crazy lifestyle to my children. I’m sure they just chalked it up to a phase that would pass…but it never did. Along the way I met Chocolate…the most exciting T-Girl of them all. We became and still remain very close friends.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with male breast cancer . The cause was genetic. I inherited the cancer gene from one of my Russian ancestors. That year it was treated successfully. However in 2000 it recurred and once again I thought, treated successfully. But in 2011 it came again. This time the bad news, Stage Four Cancer…the Death Sentence. Currently I’m in chemo therapy. To check on its progress requires monthly blood work, CT and nuclear body scans on a regular basis. Last year those scans discovered a new unrelated early cancer in my throat. Treatment was thirty-five consecutive sessions of head and neck radiation. Although that seems to have eradicated the throat cancer , unfortunately the by-product of the radiation almost destroyed my salivary glands, my swallow muscles and limited my ability to speak. To compensate for my speaking difficulty I began to write and that cancer led to this, my first novel “Boulevard Girls”.

Is there a lesson to be learned? Sure… have no regrets… there are silver linings… keep your chin up… every downside has an upside. My favorite… live every moment as if it’s your last… it may be.

Hope you enjoy “Boulevard Girls”. Please let me know, even if you hated it.
David Kaye
P.S. BTW (By The Way)… I’m 76 years old.

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