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  • The Jewel and Other Stories on Dec. 08, 2010

    I read some of the stories on Authors’ Den. Even as I re-read them now, they retained their freshness, their gentle yet engrossing charm that makes all Stan Law’s writing so enchanting to read. He seems to hover between realities which most of us hardly know exist.
  • The Gate - Things my Mother told me. on Dec. 08, 2010

    I read The Gate in paperback when it first came out on the Amazon. I gave my copy to a friend, who passed it on… Now I had a chance to read it again on my Sony. It is hard to believe that it’s fiction. The people, the images, the emotions are so very real. You’ll love it. You’ll probably re-read it too.
  • Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism on Dec. 10, 2010

    Having spent most of my life listening to preachers recounting stories from the Bible, it is an incredible experience to compare their fundamentalist interpretation to the meaning ensuing from the study of symbolism which seems to permeate the scriptures. It is not that the stories the preachers recounted were wrong. It is that they fail to unfold the veil protecting the deeper truth from the ‘ungodly’ eyes. 

 The Dictionary is superb document for those who are interested in esoteric, or in deeper truth. I just cannot resist examining some of the biblical texts using the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. And as a side benefit, at least for me, it enables one to really understand Stan Law’s intent in most of his novels.
  • Key To Immortality — Commentary on Gospel of Thomas on Dec. 10, 2010

    It is not easy to change one’s concept of what one is; of what one regards oneself to be. Yet, the Key demands this of us. Not with threats, intimidation or promises of dire consequences, (as most religions invariably resort to), but with simple, down-to-earth logic. After reading through even part of Kapuscinski’s Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism, most of the incomprehensibles of his exegesis became clear. I’m impressed.
  • Yeshua - Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus on Dec. 11, 2010

    I have been conditioned to believe that divinity is a birthright. After reading Yeshûa - Personal Memoir, it seems that it, like everything in this world, must be earned. This is a fantastic book which in no way detracts from the traditional concepts but, in fact, substantiates them in a historical way. After reading this book you don’t just believe, you know. It also seems to me that the author is the reincarnation of Satia. Read for yourself and see if you agree...
  • Marvin Clark — In Search of Freedom on Dec. 13, 2010

    I read this book in proof-copy form. I loved it then, and I love it now. I wish Stan Law would write more romances. He is one of very few writers who can write a great love story without sinking to the level of “hot, dark, steaming, sex-driven, award-winning erotica”, so adored by frustrated virgins and old maids. If you are neither, you’ll love it. What a wonderful change!
  • Beyond Religion Volume I on Dec. 20, 2010

    It was the first Essay that grabbed my attention. In fact, it made me angry. Not for long. Soon I understood what made the author tick. Then, his essays spent some weeks on my bedside table, ticking. Some continue to surprise me. Some are just plain joy. “The Stranger,” “Salvation”, “Myth and Reality”, are amazing! If anyone likes diversity, this is the book for you, but most of all, the Essays make you think. Also, Christmas will have a deeper meaning for me this year.
  • Visualization - Creating Your Own Universe on Jan. 06, 2011

    If this book doesn’t awaken the Creative Spirit within you, I doubt anything will. It will also give you confidence that you, and you alone, are in charge of your life. You don’t have to accept any of the assumptions in this book, without trying them out yourself. I did. At least, some of them. It’s been only a few weeks, but already I sense my world unfolding. If nothing else, this book is a veritable goldmine of information. Read it!
  • Now - Being and Becoming on Jan. 17, 2011

    While I always suspected that the life of the mind must be richer than what we are consciously aware of, this stunning novel took me way past the limits of my imagination. The author created a unified universe yet exploded it, simultaneously, in limitless, seemingly divine diversity. It is like the Big Bang taking place in your own mind. Amazing!
  • Beyond Religion Volume II on Jan. 18, 2011

    I might as well admit it that some of the Essays I had to read twice before they really sank in. But when they did, I was very glad I took the trouble. I think Kapuscinski has just freed me from dozens of preconceived ideas, which, on closer examination, didn’t make sense. The Baboon, Birds of Paradise, Miracles, Antichrist, among others, are all jewels, which still linger in my mind. As for Heaven, I couldn’t stop laughing. All in all, they are a marvelous introduction to his Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe, which could be regarded as the quintessence of all his essays.
  • Beyond Religion Volume III on Jan. 23, 2011

    Amid all the nonsense that proliferates the bookshelves of often respectable bookstores, what pleasure it is to find right here, on Smashwords, a book that makes you think. It is a rare challenge, these days. People would rather escape into fantasy worlds. But if you cherish the life of the mind, then you’ll enjoy this collection. I did. Very much.
  • One Just Man [Winston Trilogy Book I] on Feb. 05, 2011

    "Fantastic story, great characters and a book that makes you think!" I read this in a 5 star review on the Amazon. I agree on all counts. Read it!
  • The Avatar Syndrome on March 19, 2011

    I read this book in paperback. Now, once again I run through it at a single sitting. It is a fresh now as it was when I first read it. I can but repeat what I wrote on the Amazon some time ago: “I reread this book, each time discovering new meanings in the journey that Anne endured under such difficult conditions. The depth of philosophy and wisdom in The Avatar Syndrome becomes fully apparent only after the second, perhaps even the third reading. It is an ideal novel for Book Clubs as it yields an endless stream of subjects for discussion.”
  • Headless World—Book Two of the Avatar Trilogy on March 23, 2011

    When I read Stan Law’s Avatar Syndrome, I hardly dared hope that a sequel might follow that amazing tour de force. Well, Headless World not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Law involves the whole world in his exuberant imagination, sweeping us along like a Tsunami initiated by a gigantic earthquake. I might add, that it is the author who provides the earthquake! This novel will leave the reader amazed and, if they are anything like me, delighted. Perhaps it is time for a new world order….
  • Alexander [Alexander Trilogy Book Two] on May 21, 2011

    I had the privilege of reading the proof copy of this long awaited sequel to The Princess. Now, in Book II of the Alexander Trilogy, Dr. Alec Baldwin, (Alexander, the mysterious amalgam of Alec & Sandra) comes to life as a brilliant physicist. Though a man completely dedicated to science, he still struggles with emotional and spiritual dilemmas, which appear to be at odds with science. Alec’s ventures into of Lemuria, Atlantis, the Kingdom of Mu, as well as his enigmatic realities of the Home Planet and The Far Country are breathtaking, each in a sublimely different way. He dares to reach far beyond the usual boundaries of imagination. If you, too, are at times dissatisfied with the evidence of your senses, you’ll love this book. If not, Law will take you for a ride you’ll not easily forget.
  • The Princess on May 24, 2011

    “The Princess” was always among my favorite books from the fertile mind of Stan Law. I heard admiration from young and old, as I watched them lose themselves in Alex’s adventures. Like other readers, I found Alex’s final merging with his Princess an instant classic. Alex is a Harry Potter for a mature mind.
  • Sacha—The Way Back (Alexander Trilogy Book Three) on June 02, 2011

    Even as a boy, Sacha is convinced that he’s in a physical body by mistake. It takes him years to discover his true purpose, including the reason for his embodiment. A fascinating concept. People are hoping to, eventually, go to heaven. Sacha is trying to return there. Only his heaven, his mission, and his purpose are all different from most people. One can only wonder what demands would a reincarnation of a past savior place on his destiny. Would he act even as Sacha did? Would he be willing to die, again? There are unspoken echoes of the past in this book. Long past, which casts a shadow of history repeating itself. In Sacha, there is wonderment, long search, studies, uncompromising commitment to the fulfillment of his destiny… Vaguely reminiscent to Stan Law’s Yeshûa. Or is it?
  • ELOHIM-Masters & Minions [Winston Trilogy Book Two] on July 13, 2011

    (From Peter Thornton's demanding journey of self-discovery is set amid international intrigue, mystery and romance. In yet another spiritual page-turner from Stan Law, the hapless hero of One Just Man, finds himself in unknown realms, where men and gods rub shoulders on equal terms. Fascinating.
  • Winston's Kingdom [Winston Trilogy Book III] on Aug. 04, 2011

    I am one of the lucky ones who were given the privilege of proofreading this book. I did. Twice. The second time just for pleasure. I also read parts one and two of the Winston Trilogy: “One Just Man” and “Elohim - Masters and Minions”. Winston is the fulfillment of both. Stan Law removes all barriers, all limitations—from us, and from gods. Under Winston’s guidance, Peter gains final understanding. Infinity takes on a new meaning. Winston is unforgettable. Thank you, Stan.
  • Enigma of the Second Coming on Aug. 20, 2011

    I read the book in paperback. By the time I finished chapter 2, I was in love with Heidi. I watched her grow, mature, overcome her emotional emptiness like a heroin from a fin de ciècle romance. And then… and then came science fiction. Thrilling, tense, mysterious, no wonder the book is titled Enigma. By the time you finish you’ll be either totally lost, or totally swept by its magic.
  • Sci-Fi Series 2 (Simulator, Little Angels, Esperanza) on Sep. 24, 2011

    In the Simulator, Stan Law presents us with a fascinating twist on the honored Sci-Fi tradition that we, humans, are responsible for even unwitting harm we might do to alien creatures. In his inimitable way, he illustrates the future technology, which responds to the ancient concepts of Karma. In Little Angels the author shows that even within most dire consequences of our self-centered ingenuity, some of us will find a way to benefit from it. But there too, there are consequences. The universal laws will not be denied. Finally, Esperanza is a story of love, compassion and friendship as only the past generation seemed capable of. Yet here, too, there are consequences, this time even more surprising. I’m sure that all three stories will etch themselves in your memory and, just perhaps, they might change the way you look at the world. This is Science Fiction at its best. (From 5 Star review on Kindle)
  • Gift of Gamman on Nov. 09, 2011

    I read this in proof form. Now, I’ll read it again. It’s worth it. I took this from the description: “You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch you imagination to outer limits, and beyond.” Every word it true. And on the top of that, the man, Stan Law, is a poet!
  • Cats & Dogs Series (Complete+) on Nov. 10, 2011

    From the hoary days of Noah, through the magic of witchcraft, from our relationships to cats and dogs vis a vis the relationship cats and dogs have towards us, its all here. You’ll love their loves and hates, their fears and courage, their failures and conquests. But most of all you’ll love the power and the poetry of Stan Law’s writing.
  • Wall — Love, Sex and Immortality [Aquarius Trilogy Book One] on Dec. 06, 2011

    Once again I had the privilege of reading this book in pre-publication form. Once again I had to keep reminding myself that I had a job to do, to proofread it. The story swept me along, quickly, convincingly. The images were enchanting, the mystery growing, the characters enticing, the tension mounting, the love affair, well, find out for yourself. For a week after I finished I dreamed about Greek Islands. And then I just dreamed of the worlds, realities, which Stan Law has such propensity to create. Some will say that this might be his best. I love them all.
  • Delusions — Pragmatic Realism on March 05, 2012

    Having read the editor’s proof I can state, categorically, that this book will upset many an applecart. Yet, if you have the courage to join the author in facing the completely unknown, this jewel is for your. But be ready to regard the reality around you in a completely different way. Good luck!
  • Alec [Alexander Trilogy Book One] on Oct. 11, 2013

    Having read The Princess almost two years ago, I often wondered what Alec’s parents did while their son was gallivanting in the paranormal worlds. Now, at last, we know where Alec “came from”. His father, an engineer dreaming of conquering the seven seas, his mother bent on creating a painting, rivaling the great masters, wherein all people at the last judgment go to directly heaven. What extraordinary idea! Whichever dream you’ll find more fascinating, you will enjoy this rich mélange of the close-knit family who share their lives to the full. The art-world of Montreal, the Caribbean seas, or Alec’s esoteric wandering with his mysterious Princess, are yours to share. And even more so, you’re bound to enjoy the author’s abundant sense of humor. (PS. I got a copy when the book was free, but had to get another with a coupon to write this review).
  • Pluto Effect [Aquarius Trilogy Book Two] on Nov. 29, 2013

    I read the printer’s proof. As always, Stan Law amazes me with the width and breadth of his knowledge, which he manages to convey to the reader in a form that is both entertaining and fascinating. Ambrosia and Simon of the "WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality", continue on their chosen paths. While the world is facing the inevitable consequences of the Pluto Effect at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, Simon is trying to comprehend its consequences, while Ambrosia again proves her genius in enhancing her quantum tunneling apparatus, which allows them to move freely, outside the spying eyes of various governments. This is a book that is both apocalyptic and giving hope of survival. It seems that “Of Gods and Men” will continue in this vein, assuring of men’s immortality. PS. Their children add the elusive Stan Law humour.
  • Peter and Paul on March 20, 2015

    The way I see it, this is a story about two men, lost in the turbulent waters of the ever-changing Roman Empire, who are trying to make head and tail of the teaching which their late master, Yeshûa, imparted on them. With Yeshûa gone, Peter and Paul have to find a way to transfer their knowledge to people who lived in the shadows of more gods and goddesses than they could count. This book is a masterpiece of speculative psychology. Bravo Mr. Law. Another winner!
  • Awakening - Event Horizon on April 30, 2016

    A Must Read! I was lucky enough to be given a galley proof to read about two weeks ago. If you enjoyed Avatar Syndrome and/or Headless World, then this book is a must read. If you didn’t as yet, then AWAKENING can stand alone as a complete novel. The characters previously developed rise to new heights, perform amazing deeds in strange realities, and finally “awaken” to a New World that opens its arms to a new human race, endowed with amazing powers. This as a fascinating mixture of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and metaphysics. A must read!
  • Olympus — Of Gods and Men [Aquarius Trilogy Book 3] on July 01, 2016

    I reread this book the second time for a specific reason. This time I pretended that it is not fiction, but a prophetic account of things that must happen. There is nothing in the book that even suggests that we can avoid the fate that awaits us. Read it and let us know if you agree. In my judgment, we could be a lot worse off. And, not for the world, but for individuals the book offers hope. Hope of survival.
  • Vicious Circle Volume One on Sep. 23, 2017

    It is not often that an author shares with us the thinking behind his novels. Non-fiction is self-evident, but I often wondered what motivated Stan Law to write the sort of novels which do not really fit into any genre. His worldview is just too broad to fit into any category. Now, thanks to this collection, I begin to know why. Read the blogs. They’re worth it.
  • Vicious Circle Volume Two on Oct. 08, 2017

    It is not often that an author shares with us the thinking behind his novels. Non-fiction is self-evident, but I often wondered what motivates Stan Law to write the sort of novels which do not really fit into any genre. His worldview is just too broad to fit into any category. Now, thanks to this collection, I begin to know why. Read the blogs. One previous reviewer said, "they’re worth it." I agree. 5 Stars!
  • Vicious Circle Volume Three on Oct. 08, 2017

    I’d just given 5 stars for Vicious Circle Volume 2. The same applies to volume 3. The way that Stan Law weaves the philosophy and even metaphysics into his novels without compromising the plot, the action or the pace of the story is nothing short of brilliant. And if you read his blogs, you’ll know why.