Brandi Roberts

Brandi Roberts' favorite authors on Smashwords

Z.A. Maxfield
Latest book: A Much Younger Man.
Published June 28, 2023.
BA Tortuga
Latest book: Crossing the River.
Published November 28, 2023.
Julia Talbot
Latest book: Post Obsession.
Published November 28, 2023.
Mell Eight
Latest book: Twin Elements.
Published October 17, 2023.
Lissa Kasey
Latest book: Model Investigator.
Published July 4, 2023.
Sean Michael
Latest book: The Ugly Duckling.
Published November 30, 2023.
Madeline Kirby
Latest book: Not a Zombie.
Published December 8, 2022.
Shea Balik
Latest book: Below the Belt.
Published October 16, 2023.
Lyn Gala
Latest book: Drift.
Published December 8, 2022.
JP Sayle
Latest book: Conrad.
Published September 29, 2023.
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