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  • Her Obsession on April 25, 2012

    Shaunna Rodriguez may have been put through hell but she handled the situation with grace and an incredible head on her shoulders. I have read this book 5 times since it was published and I can see why over 67, 000 people have recommended this book. It has been said before that this is definitely not a book you will regret downloading or buying! It ROCKED! To say the very least! I was mind boggled to think that a roommate could be as crazy as CC was! She fell in love with Author, Shaunna Rodriguez, threatened to kill her, held her hostage twice! (spoiler alert!) At knife point! Wanted to have a baby with her husband, then she wanted to make her leave him! She was controlling and just insane! It makes for a fantastic thrill ride for sure! I was captivated and unable to put this book down and when I finished it the first time, I just started it over again because I just had to read it again to make myself believe it! It's the best book I have ever read! This is a must buy, must own, must read and must share book!
  • Her Hostage on April 25, 2012

    Just as "Thrilling" and unbelievable as Her Obsession! Her Hostage is a must read thrill ride! From one hellish fiasco to another, being held hostage at knife point and the events that transpired from one roommate left my jaw dragging the floor and as sick as it is, I wanted to read more! I wanted to see what happened next! Would Author Shaunna Rodriguez, escape? What would CC do to her if she tried to leave? The anticipation of what will happen next is numbing. I could not put this book down! I just finished reading Her Obsession and it is as good, if not better than Her Hostage. It's a must own for everyone's library! Hanging onto the edge of my seat is an understatement. I could barely sit down. My stomach turned and I had waves of nausea as I read through this hellish ordeal of one womans obsessed love scheme to hold hostage her love obsession and another woman, Author Shaunna Rodriguez, fight for survival and sanity. Intriguing and I am dying to read more!