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I LOVE FANS! I'm looking for anyone who loves to read and post a rating or/and review here and @Goodreads & amazon; that would be insanely appreciated and I would give you free giveaways for taking time out of your own life for me!

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  • See the Worlds (Ephialtes Short I) on Dec. 12, 2018

    GAVIN E. PARKER is a name I hope to see more of. One thing I wish smashwords helped authors out with, and ultimately themselves, is making it mandatory for someone who reads a short story or novel and rate and/or review it. For e.g. I really enjoyed the short I just read. It was tight writing and great sci fi writing. Being that it was free, i can guarantee that this author cares more about how a reader feels about something he put his heart into, than selling a copy. Well, heres for you----5 stars and i hope the lack of reviews (i dont get ANY either) doesnt discourage you. I think ratings and reviews needs to be addressed. Or in the case you want 5 stars or a review, write HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT By Gavin Parker. Those books Gardner a lot of likes but I will never put another writer down, no matter the content, just saying. GREAT JOB WITH THIS!!
  • Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story on Dec. 29, 2018

    This author is incredible!! This was compelling and I finished in one sitting! Please, more people have to read this talented author!!! The main character is awesome and I love how he writes them. NATURAL BORN STORY TELLER