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Since 2001, Mr. Asagai has been a lover of Brazil and her many peoples. He learned the language of Portuguese in Brazil, and also immersed himself in the cloture, life, and normal activities of Cariocas as well. Because he has lived in the country for such an extensive time-period, he has had the opportunity to learn first-hand, a broad spectrum of economic and policy changes that have effected the BRIC Country.

Furthermore, for over ten+ years Mr. Asagai has resided within the country of Brazil. He is a US citizen, but also has Brazilian residency within the country due to the fact that he is married to a Brazilian. Normally, much of the content that he has written in books as well as within a multitude of papers in grad school are focused within the framework of subjects that deal with Brazil. He finds the country's economy, politics, customs and inner-dealings very fascinating. This fascination has taken a new turn during the past few years as the subject of BRIC economies has gained more attention in the economic circles of the world. Along with framing most of the content around Brazil, one may find that his content is also lined with the subjects of urban planning, sustainability, transportation infrastructure and accessibility, and FULL social inclusion for all peoples on a global scale.

Mr. Asagai has studied at Rutgers University, Columbia University, and Marylhurst Universities.

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