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  • Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy on June 19, 2012

    Faelorehn is not your average faerie tale. This is not about dancing pixies or household mischief makers. This is the story of a girl who is part of a world she has no idea existed; one that wants to kill her and she has no idea why. Although Meghan may seem like a regular 17 year old, she has dreams. In these dreams she is naked roaming the streets of Los Angeles, hands laced tightly in a white dog’s fur. The only catch is, this isn’t really a dream at all, this is her past. That was how she was found – alone at the age of two with no recollection of how or why. Now, living in central California with her adoptive parents and five brothers, Meghan’s life is normal. Well, it is if you don’t count the voices, the visions, or the fact that her eyes change color from one moment to the next. She tries to fit in, but constantly struggles to keep the truth away from her friends and family, and ultimately from herself. But when creatures start appearing and attacking Meghan, she can no longer tell herself that is just her imagination. Especially when Cade MacRoich comes to her aid and somehow knows things about Meghan that she has never told anyone else. Driven to find answers, Meghan searches for answers and unearths information that most people would scoff at, but she knows that incredibly, it is all true. I found Meghan’s character strong and relatable. She wants answers about her life, but is not sure what to believe. Even when Cade shows up with some possible theories, she still searches on her own; not believing whatever she hears because it is told to her by a hot guy. She doesn’t always make the best decisions, but she does everything with pure intentions. I found Cade to be infuriating. He constantly went missing for weeks on end and he only gave half answers at best. I was never quite sure if he is trustworthy, but I couldn’t help but want him to be the hero Meghan thought he was. I understand why Meghan found him intriguing, but I did not like the way she turned into a shell when he was not around. We have seen that from characters before; I call it the Bella Swan syndrome. I will forgive her though because her life was in turmoil and none of what was happening around her was of her choosing. The use of Celtic mythology is refreshing. I have read many books about the Fae and various pagan belief systems and this book was completely different from anything else. Ms. Johnson uses her knowledge to weave a beautiful story of love, friendship, and legend. Only once before had I ever heard of the Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war. The atmosphere that the author created was eerie and haunting and the creatures were truly disturbing. The ending left me breathless; book two, Dolmarehn can’t be released soon enough! I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. No backroom deals or whispered promises were made.
  • Mary on July 06, 2012

    After getting into trouble in London, Mary and her family move to the small town of Eires Green for a fresh start. Mary is not happy about the move but once she moves into the Bell House, she finds she is oddly comfortable. Straight away she makes friends and might have a new love interest; life seems to be looking up since “the Incident”. That is until she starts to discover that the Bell House holds a secret, one that might just kill her. A tragedy, a mirror and a name repeated three times… I have to say I was really glad I read this novella during the day. I have not read a book that truly scared me in a long time. This isn’t a typical ghost story, it isn’t one you would tell around a campfire or at a slumber party; Mary is spooky and complex. Based off the Bloody Mary urban legend, Mary is a story that explores the bonds of family and the measures one will take to exact revenge. Ann Haines’ writing takes the reader right into the eerie setting of the English countryside. Small pieces of the puzzle are revealed throughout the story alluding to the full picture, creating a slow stream of suspense that bursts at the end. I did figure out part of the mystery on my own, but the twists kept on coming. I liked the fact that this was a novella, though the relationships could have been more natural. However, there are so many layers that it would be impossible for a short story to explain every detail and as a full length novel I think the rush I felt when reading wouldn’t have been as exciting. I enjoyed reading Mary and would recommend to anyone who likes to feel goose bumps run up and down their spine.
  • Murphy's Law on July 23, 2012

    As master’s student by day and assassin by night, Alexis has her plate full. She has been part of the “family business” since she graduated high school and now at age 25, all she wants is a real career as a photographer and to settle into a normal life. However, nothing seems to go as she plans. Murphy always gets in the way – Murphy’s Law, that is. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And Alexis’ latest assignment was no exception. After being stranded in a tree and missing her flight home, she has decided to quit. But nothing is ever that easy, at least not for her. The very night she confronts her father and tells him she is done, someone breaks into her apartment and is stalking her and has been for quite some time. He calls himself the Hunter and he is hunting Alexis. Alexis is a trained assassin and has “neutralized” many people for the government, but when it came to her doorstep it became personal. I loved how she kept her cool when she got the first call from the Hunter. I would have freaked out, but she was calm and collected. She also has some moves that brought down a big FBI agent - gotta love a girl that can kick some ass! The Hunter’s tactics were creepy and the fact that he kept getting into her apartment to bug it was disconcerting. Not to mention the fact that he seemed to know everything about her and was always a step ahead. I enjoyed reading Murphy’s Law and I finished the book in less than two hours. This book has everything a girl could want: action, adventure, and smexy men. Alexis and Dane’s romance was teasingly hot. I wanted to reach into the book more than once and just shove them together! Even though it was lust at first sight, their relationship grew into something that was sweet but smoking. R.S. Emeline created a cast of interesting characters that you can’t help but love. The writing is witty and funny and the story will keep you hooked from the moment you read the first paragraph. Reminiscent of the show Alias, Murphy’s Law is a fast paced ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.