Brian Dawtrey


Brian Dawtrey was born in 1928 to a motor engineering family in Coventry. He was evacuated after being injured in the Blitz and became a country lover - and a country-girl lover. He suffered from ‘His heart rules his head' syndrome; which incidentally, so did Cicely and their three subsequent children.
They married immediately following military service at the age of 20 years, went together to Agricultural College and became family farmers for fourteen years, before uprooting their family and adopting a hazardous beginning to twenty-five years of Overseas Aid work in Africa.
Their immense love of nature led to Brian becoming an Honorary Wildlife Ranger for fourteen years and becoming a Chairman of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Zambia, whilst Cicely became the Education Officer of that Society. Cicely also raised many ‘rescued' wild animals including a ‘pet' cheetah, which travelled with her in her car in the market.
Their children also married young, two of them in Africa. There are now four great grandchildren.
Brian has been published widely in journals and periodicals for Societies, Zambia Government, World Bank and UK publishers.


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