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Brian Magrath Before his retirement, Brian Magrath worked as a psychosomatic therapist in several medical establishments in Sydney, Australia for many years. During the course of his life, he began to design techniques that would help people who had developed issues with grief, anger, guilt, depression, and a variety of medical problems associated with a distress-affected mind and body. For many patients who consulted with him, there was no other treatment available and the author’s theories and treatment regimen was a last hope. Magrath retired to the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales and voluntarily organises assistance for people who want to stay well. This work started during the drought of 2005/2006, and has continued; now a new drought in the rural areas of Western NSW has renewed the need for his work in helping farmers and others to deal with the dreadful issues associated with two years’ lack of rain in the area. Magrath developed a simple motto which summarises the overarching idea of his defence methods: “If Distress wins, we all lose: if Distress is beaten, we win all.” Magrath adds that we cannot avoid Incoming Distress, but we can defend ourselves against the resultant stress; this is demonstrated, he adds, by those people who seem to have lives filled with distressful events, yet remain healthy in mind and body, whilst others fall victim to the reactions of their minds and bodies to stress.


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The title of this book, “DISTRESS – A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION” is aptly and accurately named, simply because the Incoming Distresses of an individual’s life have the capability to become stress, and in that form carry the potential for serious human disorders, physical and mental. But the book is definitely not a medical or therapeutic manual; it is intended for those people who are well and wa

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