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Brian Stableford has been a professional writer since 1965. He has published more than 50 novels and 200 short stories, as well as several non-fiction books, thousands of articles for periodicals and reference-books, several volumes of translations from the French and a number of anthologies. He is a part-time Lecturer in Creative Writing at King Alfred's College Winchester. He lives in Reading with his wife Jane, a holistic therapist. Brian's novels include 'The Empire of Fear' (1988), 'Young Blood' (1992) and future history series comprising 'Inherit the Earth' (1998), 'Architects of Emortality' (1999), 'The Fountains of Youth' (2000), 'The Cassandra Complex' (2001), 'Dark Ararat' (2002) and 'The Omega Expedition' (2002). His non-fiction includes 'Scientific Romance in Britain' (1985), 'Teach Yourself Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction' (1997), 'Yesterday's Bestsellers' (1998) and 'Glorious Perversity: The Decline and Fall of Literary Decadence' (1998). His anthologies include 'The Dedalus Book of Decadence (Moral Ruins)' (1990) and 'The Dedalus Book of British Fantasy' (1991). Reference books to which he has contributed include the Clute/Nichollls 'Encyclopedia of Science Fiction' (1979; 2nd ed. 1993), Neil Barron's 'Anatomy of Wonder (2nd. ed. 1981; 3rd ed. 1987; 4th ed. 1995; 5th ed. forthcoming in 2004), 'The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English' (1988; 2nd ed 1993) and the 'New Dictionary of National Biography' (forthcoming in 2004). Recent news 'Salome and Other Decadent Fantasies' was published by Cosmos in January 2004. Other publications currently scheduled for 2004 are: 'Designer Genes: Tales of the Biotech Revolution' (collection, Five Star, March); a 'Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction Literature' (Scarecrow Press, April; pb to follow in 2005 as 'The A-Z of Science Fiction Literature'); 'Claire Lenoir and Other Stories' by Villiers de l'Isle Adam (collection of translations, Tartarus Press, April); 'Kiss the Goat: A Twenty-first Century Ghost Story' (novel, Prime Press, ?); 'Asgard's Secret' (revision of 'Journey to the Center', Five Star, September); 'Gateway of Eternity' (novel, Cosmos, ?). I also have a new vampire story upcoming on the BBC's new cult tv website--there'll be a broadcast version on one of the new digital radio services. 'Streaking' (a novel) will be published by PS Publishing in 2005. Projects currently in progress include the compilation of a 'Historical Dictionary of Fantasy Literature' for Scarecrow Press and a translation of Paul Feval's 'Jean Diable' for Black Coat Press.

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