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Bridgette Hayden is the author of, Sonny Preyer - A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind, an epic fantasy spanning three books in an ongoing series. A native of Tennessee, this forty-three year old author attended the University of Tennessee, ventured in business, graphic design, and salesmanship before coming to terms with simply being a writer.

"There's so much pressure to have a backup plan in case you're not successful, that lack of success is caused by being too afraid to give your total focus to the one thing you know you need to be doing."

Life-long struggles with depression and social anxiety leaves her inspired by the human capacity to triumph over debilitating inner conflict, especially upon producing a body of work in which self-acceptance is thematic throughout.

Of her Sonny Preyer series, she says, "At first it really scared me that I was writing a character with both genders, because I didn't see the potential for a publisher wanting it. But I gave into my greater emotions and just went with it and when I did, I understood that the two genders represent a conflicted self. So much conflict within me, paralyzing my creative energies. But they found a way through because I knew I had to write, whether I ever met the approval of a publisher or not. That's mine. Suddenly, my relationship with writing became what I'd wanted all along and I needed no one's approval."

So freeing was the outcome, the author penned two informal commentaries, You are a Millionaire, and, Rape Fiction VS. Rape Reality, both targeting two areas of life choc full of pain and conflict for her. The first is an offering of encouragement to tap one's innate ability to bring about financial satisfaction in one's life and the second is a confessional observation of prejudiced actions against writers of non-consensual fantasies. Bridgette explains, "Fear of past and future poverty and fear of being judged made me want to understand how these ideas fight within me. When I understood, I felt that telling my "secrets" could help someone else, and I certainly hope it does."

She's currently working on her fourth book in the Sonny Preyer series.

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