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A Brighter Light in the World brand focuses on creating children's books, self-help books, novels and guided meditation CDs that are designed for those walking a spiritual path.

The inspiration for the brand comes from a diversity of traditions with the hope to share these voices of wisdom from our past and spark a light that brings us all to a greater place of harmony.

Elisabeth Rose Wilds was inspired to create our brand from her work with at-risk youth. She came to realize that these young people were looking for new ways to live in the world and wanted to perceive them in a positive light.

Elisabeth began to teach these youth about the mind-body connection and quickly saw positive transformations. Not only did the youth experience states of peace, but chose peace over anger in their interactions with others.

Encouraged with the success of this approach, Elisabeth incorporated mindfulness practices into her classes and continued to see positive results.

Elisabeth endeavored to share her approach by creating resources for those working with youth, as well as parents and caretakers.

She searched for writers, illustrators, and musicians, who felt inspired to create products that spoke to our peaceful nature.

From this shared vision, wonderful collaborations arose with inspiration coming from diversity of wisdom traditions.

The brand has collaborated with non-profits through the co-branding of products to bring greater awareness of their work and to help raise funds for their worthy causes.

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