Gary Brizendine


Gary Brizendine was born in Dallas, Texas. In the 1950’s and 60’s the sports pages of all the Texas newspapers had stories about the exploits of race car builder and drivers such as Carroll Shelby, Jim Hall, Johnny Rutherford, A.J. Foyt, Jim McElreath, and Lloyd Ruby. Coincidently, in Texas in the 1960’s you could get a regular drivers license at the age of 14. In this environment it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to guess where a mechanically adept kid with a ‘63 Chevy was headed every weekend.
Gary quickly figured out that the best way to see race cars up close was to sign up to work Tech Inspection at the race track. This happens to be a real handy way to see how race cars are assembled. The Tech Inspector has an opportunity to get an up close look at all of the good ideas and see the less than optimum designs.
Armed with this basic knowledge Gary began helping several race car owners by performing glamorous tasks such as polishing wheels and lugging pit gear. In a short period of time he was responsible for the mechanical preparation of several championship winning club racing sports cars.
Concurrently he earned a degree in Automotive Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Industry & Technology from Texas A&M University at Commerce. Gary designed air conditioning systems for Volkswagen/Porsche/Audi, coordinated machine shop manufacturing operations, instructor of college level automotive technology classes, and he designed structural repairs for metallic and composite airframe components for the F-16 fighter plane, Gulfstream G-V business jet wing box, C-17 military transport aircraft, and Boeing commercial aircraft.
Gary is currently involved in the design and construction of vintage road racing sports cars and building sports racing cars for track day events.


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