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  • Punish Me, Please Me on March 15, 2011

    Ashley does not write boring stories, but they will take you places that my entice you, scare you, make you laugh, titillate you or maybe all of the above. There are five stories in this collection. The first will make you wonder about people; the second will make you laugh once you get the joke; the third is pure enjoyable silliness; the fourth is deeper than in seems but I don't want to give away the story however there is almost no one you will like to have as a friend; but the last will make you think about the opening, and the middle but maybe most of all the ending. You won't get it all the first time you read it. And the best thing is that Ashley gives these stories to you free. Her stories are too good to be free, so grab these before she comes to her senses.
  • All Wrapped Up: A Collection of Christmas Short Stories on Nov. 10, 2011

    When I sit to read something from Jenna, I expect to enjoy. These four stories did nothing to disappoint. I will admit that the first is my favorite by a small margin, the play is smashing. The second comes with two charms, a delightful story and some of the best words pictures you will find. I do not wish to sound that I am slighting numbers three and four because they were just as good. Above all, you will love the twists in each story. If I could make one suggestion, do not read them all at once. Each must be savored for itself. Besides spreading them out prolongs your enjoyment. This is a MUST GET collection and would make a lovely Xmas present.
  • Brianna on Jan. 08, 2012

    Frankly, I thought that was as beautiful and sweet as a first time discovery story could be. There are some stories that are best told. The silence in the story contributed to it's tenderness amidst concern. I want to read more of your works if they this good. Actually, I would point out there was sufficient and pointed showing albeit not a lot of dialogue.