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Brother Amartey is an ordained minister called to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of Gospel Faith Revival, an evangelistic and teaching ministry in Ghana, West Africa.
He is currently in the United States as an African missionary to America, proclaiming revival, preparing and stirring up the saints for revival through repentance and intercession.

His first book is Tithing: Robbing and Stealing from God's People, a must-read for any Christian who wants to understand biblical tithing and how many false preachers today are using tithing to rob and steal from the redeemed of the Lord whom He has bought with His own blood.

He lives in Atlanta and is available for speaking on revivals, and can be reached through

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
I had always wanted to write on tithing to address the manipulation of Christians by many unscrupulous and greedy preachers in our pulpits today, but I always procrastinated. Then one day I read an article in the Ghanaian media where someone made a comment unrelated to the subject, charging that a leading preacher in Ghana was sinning by collecting tithes in his church. Suddenly, it dawned on me to address the issue of tithing there and then. All I did was to bring out the comments from its obscure place and put it in the features column as an important article by itself, reproducing the original comment and just adding a few points here and there. The response was swift and many people wanted to know more about tithing and I ended up writing two more articles as follow-ups, but all that was not enough. Finally I decided to write a book expounding and explaining tithing so every Christian could understand the subject and be well-informed, and the result is this book, TITHING:Robbing and Stealing from God's People, which was the subject of the article.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Thank God for the freedom and the ability to publish as an indie author. It is a far departure from the stone age when traditional publishers were dictators over art and talent, and despised unknown authors. Being an indie author gives you the freedom and the power over your own work and not being a slave at the mercy of tyrants called traditional publishers who have destroyed many talents and dreams.
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Tithing- Robbing And Stealing From God's People
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 27,610. Language: English. Published: October 1, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Biblical Criticism & Interpretation / General
We've heard about the blessings of tithing and the curses which come upon those who don't tithe. We're told that when we don't prosper or succeed or whatever problem we face in life, it's because we don't tithe. Greedy and unscrupulous preachers have misapplied Scriptures to manipulate and coerce Christians to pay tithes. This book exposes the lies of tithing and shows the right way to give.

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