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Smashwords book reviews by Buck

  • The Legend of Sasquatch on April 20, 2010

    Make no mistake about it--this is an EXCELLENT story! The main character, Clint "Buck Hannon," is a hero for the ages. The author develops Clint's character to the max, and although he's complicated and not completely "good," you just can't help but love the guy. Clint's supporting cast is also very appealing, particularly the barrel-chested narc, Hulk, and Clint's parent's, Doug and Lucy. Each character is well-developed and appealing in his or her own right, but none is clearly and completely good. The plot is also very compelling, and I just couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. There's a lot of exciting and realistic action sequences, as well as an interesting interracial romance. (There is some adult content--not for children!) All things considered, this is probably the best, page-turning story I've read in the last ten years. Prince is an author to be reckoned with, and I absolutely can't wait to read his next book. I hope it's a sequel!