Blaze McRob


Blaze McRob has penned many titles under different names. It is time for him to come out and play as Blaze.

In addition to inclusions in numerous anthologies, he has written many novels, short stories, flash fiction pieces, and even poetry. Most of his offerings are Dark. However dark they might be, there is always an underlying message contained within.

Join him as he explores the Dark side. You know you want to.

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Smashwords book reviews by Blaze McRob

  • Apex Magazine Issue 21 on Feb. 27, 2011

    Apex has put out another fine issue. Sometimes the short stories are a bit quirky and unbelievable, but that's a good thing. Who wants to read nothing but watered-down pulp prepared for the masses? Apex is a thinking person's magazine.When I read their stories, I say, "What the . . . .!" I have yet to be disappointed. They once had their works on here for a choose your own price sort of thing. I'm glad they no longer do that. The magazine is well worth the price they are asking. Buy, read, enjoy.
  • Safe With Me, The Beginning on March 03, 2011

    For a woman to write about making love from the perspective of a man is quite a task, but it is one you handled extremely well. Your scenes were real; they came alive; they brought expectations that were realized fully. You did a wonderful job. I loved this story. I will spread the word!
  • Them on March 14, 2011

    This is great! So many questions left unsolved. But why must everything be solved? We'll know, at any rate, when we see THEM!
  • The Late Hero on March 18, 2011

    Great story, Mikel! I didn't see the ending coming until I was almost through reading it. Usually, I'm pretty sharp with that kind of thing. You got me! I'm glad. I'll spread the word about your talents as a story teller.
  • Soulless Light on Oct. 04, 2011

    Ah, such a grand story of brutal revenge, and yet a necessary cleansing of evil from those who took it upon themselves to be bloody executioners in the name of God, a God they did not truly worship, and whose goodness they failed to embrace. Evil is evil: saying that God is with you does not make it any less so. This is a well crafted tale, delving into the souls and minds of the good and the bad. Joann was quite a wordsmith, planting a very dynamic visual in my mind. I am very much looking forward to Joann's next story!
  • The Freebie on Dec. 18, 2011

    Such a great story! K. Rowe has such a wide array of genres that she spins tales in. She is a master at erotica; she certainly is able to express the sexual experience from the viewpoint of a man. Not an easy task when you're a woman. She pulls it off with flourish! I have read other stories by this talented author and suggest to anyone appreciating this genre that they read them also. And then, read her tales in other genres as well to get a taste of her diverse talents. K. Rowe will be around for along time so you better start reading her stories now!
  • Space Crazy on Jan. 01, 2012

    K. Rowe is my FAVORITE writer of sci-fi! Wham! The lady knows how to spin an in and out of this world tale that is funny, sexy, intriguing, and filled with suspense and battle scenes. Dar Melton, the hero in this tale, is a young man who has been picked on because of the fact he is different: half earthling and half Satiren. Even in the outer reaches of the universe, bullies exist, and they pick on people just because they're not the same as them. But Dar's mother hopes to change all of that and give her son a chance in an unfair world. At the young age of 17, he joins up with the crew of a space freighter and becomes a man; and a proud warrior. That's all I can say without ruining the story for you, but if you love a great action-packed sci-fi tale, grab this story and the ones to come in the series. Oh, yeah! It doesn't get ant better than this!
  • One Buck Horror: Volume Four on April 17, 2012

    I was thinking that I might be disappointed in this rather short anthology. I figured, "What the heck!" Give it a try. Well, I'm glad I did! Yes the stories are short, but they are fresh and crisp. I love them! My favorite story is "Walter's Friends," but the different styles of each author, as eclectic as they are, pulled me in to each of them. I need to read more of these delightful "spookies." One Buck Horror: Volume Four is great!
  • Six Fright-Mares on Sep. 24, 2012

    Six Fright-Mares, by Jackie Williams, is a great collection of horror tales, all of them unique and covering a wide array of topics. My favorite is Outcasts, a rather surreal tale of what if in a what could world. The story is so realistic that I was trying to think of a way where I could come to the aid of the heroes. The superb ending allows for further exploration in to the world of Jackie's story people. I love reading Jackie's tales for her home-spun style and fantastic usage of the Queen's English. Hurray! To tell a story any other way would be short changing the reader. Read these super tales and see if you don't agree with me!
  • Mortuary Horror on June 13, 2013

    Mortuary Horror, by Lisa McCourt Hollar, is a prime example of why I love reading great horror tales by women authors. Everything you need to scare the stuffing out of you is here! And, Lisa finds a way to tell diverse tales and package them in a fantastic collection. My favorite story was Never Trust A Zombie. Not only was it well written, but the climax was one of those great ones that had you thinking of more than one conclusion. Thinking person's horror! All the other stories were very close runners-up. Girls And Their Toys was especially gruesome. Oh yeah! This is a great collection at a super price!
  • Nana's Gift on Nov. 07, 2013

    Nana's gift is a treasure! Agy Wilson did a great job with the story as well as the art. When everything comes together as it does with this book, it warms my heart. I can visualize a child reading this tale, lingering over the words, and smiling at the pictures. Bravo, Agy!
  • 3-Z on Nov. 08, 2013

    3-Z, by Lori. R. Lopez is vintage Lori. A Pound Of Flesh is beyond explaining. I have never read a Zombie tale which captured the human side of what might happen if the Zombie Apocalypse were to come any better than Lori has here. A Big Problem and Knock Knock are pure delight with what I must describe as a wonderful blend of bizarro and cognitive thought. The ending of Knock Knock was superb. A Big Problem was a gem of a read with many plots and subplots that had me hanging on for more. Read these gems. You will be delighted!