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  • Truitt's Fix on Aug. 10, 2010

    Fantastic read!!! One of the best sci-fi books I have read. Right up there with David Weber, Eric Flint, K. D. Wentworth, etc. If you can consistently write this good, don't give any more books away. You can quit your day job and write full time.
  • The Pacific, World War Two on Aug. 22, 2010

    This guy claims to be a retired college professor, however, he has no grammatical skills whatsoever. Many misspelled words and no or misplaced punctuation. Sure glad I didn't have him in college. Doesn't know the difference in there, their and they're; of and off; were, we're and where. How did he finish high school much less college and become a college professor. Except for this his tales make good reading but don't buy all his books. Just buy "Sacrifice and Remembrance" as all the rest are included, word for word, in this one book.
  • Astra: The Reckoning on June 10, 2011
    (no rating)
    Just finished reading "Astra: Synchronicity and Astra: The Reckoning". Both are enjoyable reading with the exceptions that Ms. Eskra needs to learn the difference in "lie and lay" and how to use the two words properly. She also needs to divest herself of the propensity to use large, obscure words where a simple familiar word would suffice.