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  • Predestined on Jan. 16, 2012

    Read this book after my husband. This book is definitely a MUST read if you enjoy the science fiction/fantasy genre. From the very first chapter you are drawn into the story. Predestined is a well written book which is full of suspense and captivating. The protagonist Marc is lurched into a world unknown to him, where he has to learn swiftly about the alien land he finds himself in, in order to survive. Despite the difficult circumstances and extraordinary but perilous environment, Marc feels a calling- a sense that he is where he is meant to be. Marc also must choose to trust in a source much bigger than himself or any army if he is to triumph in the battle between good and evil and save the land of Astoria and its people. The tale comprises of technological advances, genetically spliced creatures, ecological issues, tyranny and slavery, to friendship and true love. While the ending of this story leaves a space open for a sequel, it is a complete read in itself.