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Smashwords book reviews by Caroline Ernst

  • Harbingers of Mortality on Jan. 17, 2012

    I read this as a Member Giveaway book on LibraryThing. A few threads weave through this interesting fantasy book; a captured assassin is forced into service for the empire to carry out the murder of a pregnant elf; generally magicians need seithsand to power their magics although there are rogue sorcerors who do not (one of whom is an ogre and very interesting character) there are several side characters- soldiers, knights and magicians. I occasionally found it hard to follow where and who we were with, but overall this was a well-written book that carried you through the tale well. We are in the land of Kalharia and the main plot follows our compulsory conscript, an ancient-horde assassin called Jeshu who is caught trying to kill a senator and then tasked to kill an elf. He is kept to his mission by a vian knight with magic armour and a sorceress with mind-magic who are also in the party. The tale shifts from this focus to the friend of the elf, who is a sorceror. He bands together with another sorceror and they take over a seithsand mine and control all the miners. There is an epic battle finish.
  • Dangerous on Jan. 17, 2012

    I received this book as a member giveaway on Librarything. This book really didn't work for me at all however I am sure it could appeal strongly to those who love the Twilight/ Stephanie Meyers books. The fantasy is about the elements magic that people generally possess which is the best part of the book. A problem of magic disease has appeared, where people with no element will want one badly enough to be driven to kill others for it. My first problem was that I immediately disliked the main character- Ria Milanez. This is a rich, priviledged, offensively self-centred, no-talent, shopaholic, ignorant young girl behaving like the whole world owes her a living. She is way too cool to take school/ university seriously (I think these are about 20 year olds, there is lots of sex and swearing) and her idea of OK behaviour is both to sleep with the boyfriend of her alleged best friend (a much nicer, quieter girl called Paula) and unrepentantly to that, to have lots of personal in-jokes with him on top. This not-your-boyfriend is called Adrian and he has magic disease making him The Fonz of University and a dangerous sort of Edward-character. She actually has her own boyfriend called poor-sod, I mean Michael, who is apparently really nice too- what on earth are these nice characters seeing in such a dim and selfish girl? There is an unpleasant storyline where selfish-brat is unable to remember sleeping with the real boyfriend due to some pill/ drug the not-your-boyfriend gave her. Not good messages! Adrian also has a sort of guardian figure called Alan who has apparently no idea what the words "client confidentiality" might mean as he's quite happy to tell any of the Uni kids where and what Adrian is up to and lots of his confidential personal details too. Well, I won't spoil the story, which apart from the awful characters, is actually quite interesting; not-your-boyfriend is trying to find out why he has magic disease and how that works. I won't be looking out the next books in the series but were this story written with likeable characters possessing a bit more respect for themselves and others it could be very good indeed.