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Farmers Directory 1891 series
The Farmers Directory hit its prime in the decades around 1900's in Canada. Canada was looking to attract immigration, as well as trying to re-locate citizen across the large expanse following its Confederation in 1867. This series circa 1891, primarily deals with those counties bordering Lakes Erie and Ontario and quite close to neighboring USA states, especially New York. Non-resident listed are peppered with home addresses, from towns and village within New York, but a extended list as far as British Columbia. Primary Source Documentation for Genealogy and Family History researchers within Canada.
Gazetteer and Directory - Brant County
Gazetteers and Directories of towns and village in Ontario Canada -confederation era. Primary source documents for genealogy research. Some Print versions are available.
Aspects of Catholicism
A low cost series of e-books to assist participation at common Catholic events. Burials, weddings, wakes,school assemblies are attended by devout Catholics, lax Catholics and non-Catholics, alike. Series includes Recitation of the Rosary in public and several types of Masses, including burial ceremonies. e-Books are designed to be used with ease, e-readers, and phones, at any or all of the Catholic rites listed. More to come in the series and available print options. http://RelaxedVenues.blogspot.ca

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