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Chris is author of the award winning debut Middle Grade novel, Jicky Jack And The Ominous Promise. His goal is to create books that are engaging, adventurous, funny, and inspirational for kids of all ages - even those adults who secretly never grew up.

In his youth, Chris was a Cub Scout, a Webelo & a Boy Scout. He walked across the Golden Gate bridge alone at the age of 9. He helped save a homeless man at the age of 10. He flew a plane at the age of 15. Then after graduating into adulthood; he sailed the Pacific Ocean, became a scuba diver and worked as a hamster in more cubicles than he cares to count. He's a graduate of Augsburg College. He's been in three Hollywood movies. He likes cold pizza, chess, re-runs of M*A*S*H, great books & music and fall breezes. He's never found a four-leaf clover or sunken treasure or seen a UFO, yet!

Chris lives in Florida with his family, a very dusty replica of "Wilson" the volleyball, a whole lot of books, and a RED SUPERHERO phone....

To discover more of his work search for "Jicky Jack And The Ominous Promise" or his new "Flight Knights" series on Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play, iTune/iBookstore, and other online book retailers. You can also join him online at the following sites and follow him on Facebook and Twitter:

*** Twitter at https://twitter.com/FlightKnights
*** Twitter handle is @FlightKnights
*** Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Author.CDBryan
*** Goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/CDBryan

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Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
For me, becoming an indie author developed as the result of several things; The process of approaching agencies and publisher with queries was an arduous task that revealed little reward if any--a bit like playing the lottery, you hope for the big one but you only ever win a buck. Right? LOL... Then there's my flare for being in control, my desire for independence and then my craving for seeing the results of my work. The combination of those three things make the Indie route the best choice for me at this time. Because I can at least control my publishing direction to a degree, I'm free to make choices about that direction and its subject matter, and of course getting to see the results of my work is very satisfying. A good example is this last year, I wrote four books and I'll be releasing them all before year end... So its very satisfying...
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Well, I've discovered many great joys over the years but i have to say that it's the notion that what I'm writing will affect someone else's life in a productive way... and what I mean on a deeper level is this... I might be writing a passage or a scene in a story and its humming along really well and then all of the sudden there's that moment when things come full circle in the scene and a special feeling emerges in you, that says... WOW... that is going to touch the reader's life.... that to me is the greatest joy... So, its basically a feeling of touching the reader's life in some special way... even if that only happens to be a moment of joy and clarity in a fiction story... it's still a quality that touched that person's life and made them feel good or brought them joy and or fulfillment.
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