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I live with my partner and two dogs in a bustling part of North London. My dream is to live by the coast in a house where not only friends and family can come and stay comfortably but also a large garden so we can have more dogs. I love reading, music, swimming, beach holidays, movies, beer, Jack 'n coke and anyone glam, eccentric, fun!

The idea for GLOBAL SUPERSTAR came to me after a vivid, surreal, yet very realistic dream on the 22nd of January 2011. I wrote everything down immediately, so I could remember the sequence of events and go on to complete Global Superstar with its prophecy fulfilling, life changing story. The book is based mainly in Hampstead, Brighton and Beverly Hills and highlights how the hedonistic, excessive, celebrity lifestyles of the 'lucky few' contrast with the often, more deserving have-nots in a debt laden world.

DON'T BLAME IT ON THE SUNSHINE is a 1970s family drama of love, arguments and laughter based in a small seaside town. The places, people and events are totally fictional. At first, I found it hard to imagine a life without mobile phones, computers and today's technology, yet as I completed the story I realised it represented a much happier time of simple pleasures. Yes, there was unrest, recession and power cuts but it was also a life when being social meant going out and meeting people, having a laugh, listening to music and not sitting in front of a computer!

I really hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoyed writing them, I'd love to hear from you so feel free to contact me at

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Global Superstar & Superstar Resurrection book trailer
Methuselah lived for hundreds of years. Lost for centuries his secret is revealed to the king of reality shows, superstar manager Kaine Young. A MIRACLE? Billionaires and Hollywood's elite flock to a chain of ‘Global Superspas’ to find out... but when Kaine creates TVs Ultimate Show ‘Superstar Resurrection’ and exhumes the dead famous. Is it a camera close-up too far? Or a comeback like no other?


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