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Smashwords book reviews by CJ Cristtize

  • Stand the Line on April 09, 2011

    Wonderful tale for a short. the vivd descriptions and excellent characterzations really make this tale come alive, and draw the reader in from the very start.
  • Epilogue for a Lost Tale on April 09, 2011

    i usually read third person tales, but this is one of the few first person stories i can honestly say i like. the character potrayal and setting is wonderful.
  • Spires on April 09, 2011

    the way this book is done in first-person makes it truly unique. the story, the characters, even the settings are done with top notch quality. this book grabs you from the very start and does not let go even after the finish. wonderful novellette, grade A workmanship.
  • A Ride Through Hell and Back on April 09, 2011

    great tale. beautifully executed and written. the subtle humor weaved into the telling of this clever theif made this book all the more enjoyable.
  • Glint of a Suncatcher (Children of Jad #1) on April 09, 2011

    another brilliant tale by marlow. gerat characters, vivid settings, and a wonderful message about standing up for what is right.
  • Where the Purple Grass Grows on April 09, 2011

    another great book from J.A. marlow. the vivid settings really draw the reader in, and the wonderful story and its characters hold you until the very end.
  • Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run - Book 1) on May 02, 2011

    wonderful book. the setting is one of the most original i have seen in ages. this author has show their skill in characterisation countless times before, doing so once again in this thrilling tale. marlows pacing is consistent, perfectly executing each event making this an exceptional first book in a series. I would recomend this book for anyone who loves science fiction and wants a good read for either a rainy day or any dayt at all.
  • Into the Forest Shadows on May 02, 2011

    Absolutely enthralling. Ihave read this classic fairy tale many times as a child, and many more to my own child, but this is the first time I have seen it done for adults. The characterisation is spot on, but we have come to expect that from Marlow. this author has yet to let her fan base down in this department and all others with her unique story telling.
  • Kat Among The Pigeons on May 02, 2011

    Wonderful tale. I was hook from the first page. The tom cat in this story is a personal favorite of mine. the conflict in this tale was done perfectly and her struggle is one that I could easily identify with.
  • Silky on May 02, 2011

    great read for those who love fantasy. this young mans journey through from slavery lands him into more trouble and fortune than he could ever imagine. his struggle to do what is right and stay alive grabs the reader and holds you until the very end of the wild ride that is--Silky.