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  • Socrates Inspires Cherry to Blossom (The Online Dom) on Jan. 25, 2014

    What an awe inspiring book!! You begin getting to know Kathryn a forty nine year old woman who is just now discovering herself. She has been alone for some time now but has discovered Socrates. A man that is well known in the BDSM community and on his website. Kathryn first struggles with herself and her desires. Think that maybe she is wrong in how she feels and what others will think. She goes into hiding about what her desires are and what she wants. She learns to accept herself for who she is and not regret those feelings. She meets Socrates on his web page and begins a relationship of mentor and student. As she delves deeper into the BDSM communities she sees that these people are just like her just willing to accept themselves and be free spirited. Before long she is asked to scene with Socrates. During this scene she truly begins to understand and accept who she really is and is not afraid or ashamed of herself any longer. Kathryn is just discovering herself and is on her way of being the woman that she wants to be. What an inspiring story of self discovery!!