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Smashwords book reviews by C KYM

  • Ransom on Sep. 02, 2011

    Three boys end up in a gang war and have to save their friend who's been captured by a gang. They're not really brave or courageous kids and there's only three of them so they have to come up big time to rescue him before their friend gets hurt or their parents find out. A fun summer story about carefree boys. Worthy of four stars, I think.
  • Archie's Gold on Sep. 02, 2011

    The characters in here are wonderful esp. Freddie Fox. And I loved Archie. There's a dark feeling to this story that gives it great atmosphere and suspense. Many great characters circle around the boy and his gold coins in the tough town. Archie is a sympathetic character who feels alone and frightened in a tough world although he puts on a brave face. The sub-plot with Boogie a mean kid and Archie’s foe, puts extra stress on Archie and he's outclassed. The story reminds me of Oliver Twist. The author’s site says he has several more coming soon.. I’m a fan. Hope they’re all this good. Many stars!