C. M. Hanson


Caleb Michael Hanson is a young aspiring author who has a taste for Epic Fantasy. At the age of fifteen, he began plotting a story based in the mysterious world of Vuurdstrak--a story that would change his life.
Upon finishing his first book, "The Vuurdstrak Chronicles: Amatki", he devoted much of his time to trying to publish it. However, after dozens upon dozens of rejections, he decided to try a new route--although he never completely gave up on traditional publishing and still presents his work to new agents and houses to this day.
Caleb is now eighteen, and has published TVGA on Amazon.com, and very soon on the Nook as well. Aside from writing, Hanson likes to make music, edit videos, design videos, and act--he has an affinity for the multimedia.

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The Vuurdstrak Chronicles: Amatki (Official Trailer Remastered)
The remastered version of the OFFICIAL book trailer


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