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I am an Urban Fantasy writer with a vivid imagination, I write young adult contemporary urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
I am an avid believer in writing stories with kick butt heroines for teens and adults.
My latest book is Vanessa Helsing - a vampire versus zombie urban fantasy set in the present day. It's gritty, and fast paced, with the action set in real time, there are some unexpected twists along the way, including a romantic one. Mostly though, the main character Vanessa (who at the start of the book is a normal girl,) kicks some zombie, and vamp butts. Right now, I am working on a few different YA series: "The Life of Fae" (currently in the editing process), and a sequel to Vanessa Helsing.

I live in Cyprus with my husband, four wonderful children and our pet duck. I drink way too much red bull, and stay up far too late for the usual 6:30 start! When I am not writing, I’m reading, anything and everything. My addiction to red bull, often results in a lot of late nights, and crazy ideas!
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