CT Liotta


In a time before junk television, there was junk literature. Authors wrote fast. Publishers churned it out on coarse paper. Teachers and parents threw it out. It existed only to make one dime at a time, entertaining readers with scurrilous concepts and cheap thrills.

CT Liotta has spent the past four years reading pulp magazines and novels from the '30s to '50s. With a Lester Dent writing guide in his pocket, and confident of the form and formula, he intends to bring rough-written, imperfect, often ridiculous 25-to-50-page short tales to EBook readers everywhere.


CT Liotta was born in West Virginia, lived for a time in Ohio, New Orleans and Alaska, and now lives in Philadelphia with his husband. He loves old, incautious dime novels and pulp magazine articles from the '30s-'60s. For fun, he travels around the world.

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