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Cheryl Zelenka taught in the public school system for over twenty-five years. She is the single parent of one adopted son, a former fourth grade student. In July of 2011, her parents realized her health was quickly deteriorating and insisted that she visit their doctor in Arizona. He immediately identified a neurological issue, which then led to the diagnosis of a noncancerous brain tumor. Upon the removal of this growth, there was an immediate change in her personality. Her recovery has been nothing less than miraculous. Although the past two years have been full of changes and loss, Cheryl chooses to look at things with a positive attitude. "I refuse to wallow in the mud. I left behind a wonderful life in Oregon: good friends, a dream house, a great job, and a comfortable and stable life. However, I believe God has 'pruned' me and is now asking that I pen His words to encourage and instruct others. If I can take the ashes of my life and rebuild them into a thing of beauty, you can too" Cheryl's second book will be a Bible Study called, Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study Through the Book of Job. She shares her personal journey through the discovery of her brain tumor and aligns it with the Biblical story of Job. Look for it in the near future. Read more articles by Cheryl Zelenka on the following links below:

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