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Knut Bonerman
Latest book: Breeding Logan – a Taboo MMM Incest Fantasy.
Published February 14, 2024. (5.00 from 3 reviews)
Jasper Blew
Latest book: Groped by a Stranger on the Bus.
Published January 2, 2024.
Beckett Layne
Latest book: Accidents Happen.
Pre-release—available June 3, 2024.
Adri Armstrong
Latest book: His Boss's to Share.
Published May 1, 2024. (5.00 from 1 review)
Skylar Sweeney
Latest book: Pretty For Master.
Published December 11, 2022.
Becca Vale
Latest book: Lessons Learned.
Published May 17, 2024. (5.00 from 1 review)
Jay L. North
Latest book: Owned by My Father-in-law.
Published March 16, 2024. (4.83 from 6 reviews)
L J Greene
Latest book: Obedience School 2: Parts 4-7.
Published May 12, 2021.
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Smashwords book reviews by Caiacassiopeia

  • The Humiliation and Imprisonment of Count Leopold De Rohan on July 05, 2022

    I loved it, could’ve definitely been a big longer at some points but just because I’m greedy
  • Cole Got Cucked Hard on Oct. 23, 2022
    (no rating)
    4.5 Quote: I know he’ll find out at some point. It’s only a matter of time. But I know Cole. I know he’s a total cuck. So I know once he finds out I’m cheating on him it’s gonna make him hornier than he’s ever been before. — this was intense I loved that the kink is thoroughly explained over the span of the story through the duo pov. while Cole discovers what all those mixed feelings do to him Kenneth gets maximum joy of cucking his BF - I enjoyed the story, but also felt a bit uncomfortable; but that’s only bc Coles POV was written that good! I‘m often not so comfortable with the cheating trope so my mind instantly wanted to hate Kenneth; reading this was an interesting experience I‘m just not sure what I can say about the ending I already purchased another book by the author during my queerkinktober research. — cuckolding - cheating - dirty talk - public6 - barEback - FelchIng - humiliation - 6club - mStrbation - voyeurism - kinkexploration - jealousy - zelophilia - gangbang - smack talk - sharing - haNDsfree O — +t2s +kinktober
  • A Proof of Possibility on Jan. 05, 2023

    3.5ish Quote: She wants to stand right here, in this impossible moment(…) This is a super short sapphic in space story. A bit too short for me to say anything else. I liked the vibe. Would definitely read more from the couple, since it’s left open if they will engage with each other 😌 I purchased it during the smashwords winter sale (mostly bc I wanted to read more sapphic stories and srsly the cover is beautiful and the blurb intrigued me; i love me some space novels!!) Tags: lesbian - space - discovery - short story - Tags are based on my personal impression/opinion and don’t have a 100% reliability If you don’t know if a book might be something for you. Read reviews, ask questions and be a responsible adult.
  • Tentacled by the Toilet on Jan. 18, 2023

    It was my first read by the author. I can see the appeal I definitely laughed a few times, but the story as a whole wasn't my favorite.
  • Pretty Things on Jan. 18, 2023

    enjoyed it.
  • Hurt Me on Jan. 18, 2023

    liked it
  • Take It, Boy on Jan. 18, 2023

    enjoyed it
  • Free Pass on Halloween Night on Jan. 18, 2023

    super fun enjoyed it
  • Everything He Wants on Jan. 18, 2023

    super hot enjoyed it
  • Everything He Needs on Jan. 18, 2023

    super hot enjoyed it
  • My Brother's Love on Jan. 18, 2023

    liked it
  • Blood Bound: Sinful Delights #3 on Jan. 18, 2023

    I LOVED IT !
  • Family Values: Sinful Delights #2 on Jan. 18, 2023

    My absolute favorite in the Series!! Loved them so much
  • Always Oskar: Sinful Delights #1 on Jan. 18, 2023

    adorable! loved it! There was a hint (if I remember correctly) for another forbidden stepson/father situation ... I would've loved to read about :D Maybe there will be something in the future
  • Twisted Together on Jan. 18, 2023

  • Morally Ambiguous Duet on Jan. 18, 2023

    Enjoyed!! Loved the Cameo!
  • His Brother's Brat on Jan. 18, 2023

    liked it
  • Being Loki on Jan. 18, 2023

    Enjoyed it !
  • Almost Strangers on Jan. 18, 2023

    so sweet !
  • Always His on Jan. 18, 2023

    loved it
  • The Monster Games: Episode 1 - Jay on Jan. 18, 2023

    enjoyed, but definitely too short
  • Brother Dear on Jan. 18, 2023

    cruel, uncomfortable, dark, perfect!
  • Brother Mine on Jan. 18, 2023

    cruel, uncomfortable, dark, perfect!
  • Mind Controlling the Haughty Mage on Jan. 18, 2023

  • Mind Controlling the Brute on Jan. 18, 2023

  • Binding Breath on Jan. 18, 2023

    loved it!
  • Read The Fine Print on Jan. 18, 2023

    the concept was super fun, but I would've loved a more elaborate version of this
  • Henry the HuCow 2 on Jan. 18, 2023

    Another 5Moo's !!
  • Henry the Hucow 3 on Jan. 18, 2023
    (no rating)
    loved it
  • Henry the Hucow 3 on Jan. 19, 2023

    I'm still in love with Henry!! I felt bad for him during one of the scenes, but I hope there might be (even if dubious) a HEA for him coming? All I need is a happy HuCow :3
  • Pet on Jan. 19, 2023

    Concept was top notch!! I wish for a story like that just make it full novel long :3
  • His to Dare on Jan. 19, 2023

    liked it
  • Like Father, Like Son on Jan. 19, 2023
    (no rating)
    this book was some hot sizzling erotic taboo read if I ever read one.
  • Like Father, Like Son on Jan. 19, 2023

    This was a hot and sizzling taboo erotica read if I ever read one
  • My Other Half on Jan. 19, 2023

    This was some intense hurt/comfort angst. I enjoyed it a lot! Plan a re-read for sure
  • Forcibly Knotted by the Shifter: Mate on Jan. 19, 2023

    hohoho, intense. loved it
  • Too Many Secrets: The Lake House on Jan. 19, 2023

    Loved it! one of my favorite taboo reads
  • Forbidden Temptation on Jan. 19, 2023

  • For Your Own Good on Jan. 31, 2023

    challenging dark tense fast-paced 4.5 !!content can be triggering!! Author Note: This short MM erotica story contains alpha/omega dynamics, threesome, noncon, breeding kink, bondage, and more. Read at your own discretion! This is a (super) dark omegaverse erotica. I loved the twisted elements, gave me the right amount of creep-factor I want to read in a dark erotica The focus is noncon!! If you feel uncomfortable with it, this is NOT for you. Tags: drugging, forced heat, double pen, knotting, kind of objectification, Alpha/Alpha relationship Tags are based on my personal impression/opinion and don’t have a 100% reliability. If you don’t know if a book might be something for you: Read reviews, ask questions and be a responsible adult.
  • The Boy at the Bottom of the Fountain on June 02, 2023

    this caught me by surprise, the story was just beautiful!
  • Forever Ours on June 08, 2023

    quote: Our kisses were rough and wet now, all passion and zero fucks. -- TABOO FORBIDDEN HUMILIATING WHOLESOME KINKY HOT This duet was recommended in a certain MM Taboo Group I was surprised how wholesome it was!! I love me some Trope Subversions so this comes with two twinky twins and their older submissive stepbro D/S dynamics and humiliation/praise are my catnip loved it -- triple POV - first person - Taboo - established Cest Relationship - stepbrother kink exploration - 6ting - 6tapes - voyeurism - EXhibitionism - D/S/S RelationsHip - talking Limits - restraints & Bondage - Care taking (…) read in October 22
  • Henry the HuCow: A Gay Lactation Fantasy on June 09, 2023

    quote: There I was, with my chest brimming with milk, my nipples leaking fluid down to a tattoo that marked me as the cow I was turning into, and I couldn’t be happier. --- This is book one of three and I haven’t read anything like that before in Literature. I saw however a lot of noncon Hucow (HumanCow) Manga over the years So reading a story were the Hucow is so over the moon to get his dream come true was cute AF! srsly it’s also full of hot kinky you know what (and a bit of unintentional consent 😂) I loved how the author wrote in the preface, that no Hucows were harmed!! this is a 15k novella and I might go purchase the rest now ..moo! BodYmod - Male Lactation - medical exams - enema - marking - milking (…) read and reviewed in october22
  • Becoming a Lady on June 09, 2023

    quote: I was in a skin suit that wasn’t my own, and it had happened so quickly there was nowhere for the extra muscle or fat to go. He’d patterned me up to be a pretty little princess, and the laws of physics still had to apply. --- I had a blast! I love me some molding and this one was definitely a story which did it literally that being said, it is an intense noncon bodmod situation so heed the warning below I‘m so curious what’ll happen next! this is pt.1 (I think pt.2 isn’t released yet) side: during research I saw that the author had a thread about this specific book & it was an amazing insight loved that!! -- BodYmod - Forced Feminization - magic - Non/Dubcon (…) author Note: Becoming a Lady is a low heat, slow burn m/m forced feminization story. It may trigger dysphoria in some readers. read and reviewed in oct22
  • Eric and David Youlle's Island Book 3 on June 21, 2023

    3.5-4 Eric and David is book 3 in the Youlle’s Island Series by Genevieve Velacar. I haven't read anything else by the author, so this is my first book. And I wasn't aware of some things regarding the general world building. Blurb&Reviews didn't gave much info either. It’s a +-41k gay twincest taboo story which comes with multiple layers of darkness and a worldbuilding surprise I would’ve never expected. Based on the tags&tw I would say, there were a few that led me to misinterpret them, some where missing. Here’s a summary of the story that contains spoilers, but I didn’t know how to write it otherwise: Eric and David are identical twins, who live in a household with their father, who’s the homophobic pastor of the small town. The story starts dark, with scenes of physical and emotional abuse against both Twins and the desire to escape this horror for good. As a reader we discover that both twins have feelings for each other and start to distance themselves, because they’re afraid of the secret coming out. They live a pretty isolated live, since their Father not only loves to abuse them in every way possible, but threatens them also to not make a fuss or draw attention on them. Because punishment will be merciless. The only friends Eric and Dave have are two girls they went to school with, after discovering that one of them left town with her father over night, they’re super sad, but when their last remaining friend informs them the day after that she’s also going to leave town with her dad, Eric and David are shocked. Teo explains to them, that if they’re in love like she thinks they are, there’s a solution for them to escape this horrid town themselves. After the discovery both boys are able to talk about their feelings and they plan to leave too. The truly dark part imo is the Mystery Island „Youlle’s Island“ and that everyone is perfectly fine with how things go on said Island. Before Eric and David can escape their abusive Father, they’ll have to read a manual about Youlle’s Island where they get some info’s they have to agree on. It’s introduced with a note that further information will need to be read with an open mind. This was truly a unique world. Hundreds of years ago a Father fled with his daughter to an island. He was able to create a serum that sets some sort of chemical reaction free that’ll not only „bond“ you to your significant other, it’ll also enhance your physical abilities (smell, hearing, seeing …) and will also prolong your lifespan. You’ll become „fated mates“ which also have a rate-scale to show how good they’re match their SO. The island provides all kind of different couples, and other poly-dynamics ‚family circles‘ who all live in all the possible variation of incest-dynamics. And was created to be a save home and environment for said families. It’s up to them to keep living on the island or leave anytime. They are provided with a big house, tons of money and don’t have to worry about anything. They can finish their education and are also able to get as many kids as they want, marry and so on. The whole Island is kind of self-sufficient by using „Troys“ and „Mandis“ (Humans that are some sort of ex-cons, and are now stripped off their humanity (brainwashed) and live as living breathing dolls to function solely as slaves for the families on the island. And do all the hard labor stuff) Mandis are also used as „carrier“ their DNA is being „cleaned“ so that same-sex couples don’t have to worry their future kids will be affected with something by the carrier. Short after their arrival Eric and David already decide on a Mandi to be the carrier for their future kids, a pregnancy also lasts only six months for all the women who live on the island. This is a discovery they made when they’re meeting their best friends and talk stuff out. The fact that there are Mandis and Troys isn’t further discussed, a lot is happening off page anyway, but Eric and David are perfectly fine with it because the excitement to have their own kids, is the only thing they’re having in their mind (aside from f_cking each others brains out hehe) The book starts with characters I didn’t recognize and ends with an epilogue about other characters on the island and an introduction of a dark-spin-off setting. Conclusion: This book was truly unique, it had multiple layers of darkness, it had a lot of hot scenes between the MCs, I liked the dirty talk a lot and the HEA was focusing on the classics: save, married, kids There were a few points that actually gave me chills and creeped me out, which is in fact something that comes with the dark romance genre. Something that made me personally super uncomfortable wasn’t the Mandis or the Troys but the fact that the whole getting pregnant, becoming kids theme was such an intense focus in this story that featured two 18year olds. It’s just something I’m not a fan of, but since this is a super personal opinion, I don’t take this into my rating, I just want to mention it. Tags and Infos by the author: Incest - siblings - taboo - twincest - gay romance - dark romance First page TW: Sibling incest - talk of minor sexual abuse, not on page but discussed. Sexual abuse of MMC’s on page. Homophobic slurs. Somnophilia Forced Pregnancy; Physical abuse of MMCs. HEA. Blurb: Identical twins experience what love really means when they come together. Quote: I know my answer about whether or not we’re going to the Island but I don’t know David’s. Twisting on the couch, I slip down and kneel between David’s open legs. Grabbing both hands I look up to him. “I know my answer, but what is yours? Yours is the only one that matters to me.” David inhales and releases a contented sigh, “You know mine as well but I guess you want to hear me say it?” my personal addition to tags: Forced Father/Son cest on and off page; mentions of past child abuse and sexual assault by Father on his minor kids. Mentions of pedophilia and future plans to act more on grooming&pedophilic actions. (here I would underline it’s sexual abuse OF minors!! And therefore discussion of pedophilia, mentions of forced involvement in pedophilia …) Sexual, emotional and physical abuse on page by the Father; Murder (not executed by MCs)
  • Uncle Zach on July 21, 2023

    hello, hello, hellooooo lovers of all the Taboo! If you're hungry for an adventurous (oh, such an adventure), funny, fast paced but also emotional fckfest you might want to indulge in today's release of Uncle Zach by Bey Deckard! This is a smut fest, a literal fck fest, some Uncle/Nephew cest fest, … well it’s actually a BIG celebration of uhm commitment (and sharing love ...with others haha) There's a ton of kinks I was able to indulge in, (ALL THE KINKS) because Bey delivered them in such a hot way I was literally constantly on edge! I‘m also grateful for the beautiful aftercare 🥰🫠 I also loved the warning up front that this is basically a not-plot and came surprisingly with some emotional growth and I was all in! (or maybe I'm such a sap I can see romance even if it's a PWP) Anyway!! The characters were amazing, as a reader we get the story POV from Owen, Uncle Zach's favorite Nephew and their fast growing relationship :3 (Just to be clear we’re talking true family ties, not some Step-something something) So happy reading and most important have FUN !
  • Dirty Wet Bastard on March 02, 2024

    Binged it in one go :D I'm a sucker for watersports, so I felt really spoiled reading this!! Also Luca was such an incredible sweetheart!!
  • Forced by the Hellhound on March 02, 2024

    I thoroughly enjoyed it! I want more of the adorable Hellhounds :3
  • Bratty Brother on March 02, 2024

    this was super hot and fun and I LOVED it so much
  • Owned by My Father-in-law on March 17, 2024

    I’m absolutely in love with this series! All the twists and turns kept me up my feet, I was so hooked and couldn’t put it down! 10/10 recommend if you like your “hea” dark AF and twisted beyond repair :) The scenes were creative and hot hot hot!
  • Rescued from My Father-in-law on March 17, 2024

    I can’t stress enough how much I love this series! The first three books were probably one of my top 5 smashwords reads in 2023 and it was such a delight to be able to read Jacobs HEA ! If you’re a person that needs healing for their MCs I can 10/10 recommend to pick this one as your final read in the series! It will still be hard earned tho!