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  • Lost Man's Parish on July 05, 2014

    As a rule, I don't read horror stories. In this case, I'm very glad I made an exception. I was lured in by the exceptional quality of the sample, and couldn't resist purchasing it; it's the best 99-cent purchase I've made in a very long time. A taut writing style that makes excellent use of evocative imagery quickly pulls the reader into the setting, and action. Character development is spare, but complete. The tension builds swiftly, leading to a cataclysmic finale that left me breathless. This little gem is everything a short story should be. Well done, C. R. Richards.
  • The Spaces Between on Oct. 10, 2014

    Evocative Use of Language. Nicholas Catron understands language. He knows how to use it to evoke imagery, provide texture, pace his story, and send chills down the reader’s back. He even knows how to use it to give the audience a hint of what they’re in for, if they are perceptive enough to catch on. The Spaces Between is a title that foreshadows not only the story, but also where the story puts the reader. In the story, we keep watching, wondering if the space between the two main characters will be breached-- horrified to think of what will happen if it is. We also find ourselves pondering on the unknowable space between reality and, perhaps, a dream? What if dreams are real? What if we’re only a player in someone’s dream? I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys being led on a less-than-merry chase through the unknowable realms where horror abides.