Caitlin O'Connor


Caitlin O'Connor is a fantasy writer who explores the complexity of human nature by blurring the lines between good and evil, when she isn't working on a novel she enjoys writing flash fiction and the occasional poem.
Her interests include physics, philosophy, psychology and 'all that contributes to the nature of mankind.'
She lives in the central region of South Africa with her young son and his two imaginary friends.


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Smashwords book reviews by Caitlin O'Connor

  • Ghostwalker on Oct. 12, 2015

    I usually don't review on Smashwords, but this book was so amazing that I simply had to say something about it here. There are some minor editing issues, and the cover isn’t great, but in terms of plot, characters, magic system etc. I think this book could hold its own when compared to greats such as Lord of the Rings and The Darkness That Comes Before. It may be better than the Fionavar Tapestry. Fans of sword and sorcery, or epic fantasy should definitely give this book a read.